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Amazing books from different authors who have chosen to publish their books through Solentro. Press "To book.." below the book cover for details, preview a book or to order.

The Magic of Christmas

This book is filled with 22 poems that capture the feeling and spirit of Christmas. It includes several poems written by myself aswell as a handful of classic festive creations from those who deserve ...

Author: Steve Wickens

The Quickest Way to Hell

A book containing 24 poems that looks at life through realism and focusing on hell as a central theme. This is my 8th book of poems and in this collection I revisit some of my old work and retrospecti...

Author: Steve Wickens

Diary of an Insomniac

This brand new collection of poems and thoughts were inspired after I encountered a few sleepless nights. Combining deep and personal poems to humorous and rather cheeky ones, I hope this is a book yo...

Author: Steve Wickens

Thoughts in my Head

45 poems that are inspired by many thoughts that swirl around my mind! Poems about love, life and religion. There is something for everyone.

Author: Steve Wickens

The Optimistic Goldfish

This is my first brand new collection of poems for many years. It was refreshing for me to write new poetry without having to rely on my past work. There are 30 poems in all and are arguably lighter ...

Author: Steve Wickens

Reflections Of The North

Reflections Of The North is a look back at experiences, people and places from 9 years of locums in the Baffin and Kivalliq regions of Nunavut. Many facts regarding Canada's newest Territory and image...

Author: Clay Marco, MD

Silence:The UnSpoken Truth Of Domestic Violence

This book titled Silence: The UnSpoken Truth Of Domestic Violence is based upon a true story. This book is based on facts and getting the word out to other victims of Domestic Violence to help them re...

Author: Valarie Rangel

Shadowed Souls

An odd yet desiring book

Author: Alex Payne

The Risen Lord

A book of 42 new poems to inspire the reader. I love these poems, I hope you do too.

Author: Steve Wickens

Into The Light

I really like this collection. I hope you all do too! If you enjoy traditional poetry about subjects like nature, animals, religion and love, then you'll appreciate the ones in this book.

Author: Steve Wickens

EmpowearFit 60-Day Fitness Log & Wellness Journal

"Welcome to your EmpowearFit 60-Day Fitness Log & Wellness Journal! This journal is your companion on the journey to a healthier, stronger you." Fitness Log - Daily Log: Dedicated space for 60 days ...

Author: Shayla Grubb

All in a Life

This book is a fitting way to close my past as it contains 100 poems written "All in a Life". All are from my heart.

Author: Steve Wickens

My Raw Ancestors Book 2

This book is about my moum, Julia Marian Raw's ancesters.



Lost and alone, depressed and beleaguered; I turned to the bottle, as well as my journal. However, it was the pen-to-paper process that was the most cathartic for me. I know that I am not alone in m...

Author: Jennifer Villanueva

Book project 7


The Things of My Soul

Things of My Soul is about the deepest part of me. It's about loving someone with all your heart, mind and soul. It's about the expanse of love and the universe of passion. It's about feeling this u...

Author: T.S. Salvatore

The book of gibberish


Author: Tucker bryant

Lieon Nosrac (The adventure of a lifetime)

Lieon Nosrac (The adventure of a lifetime) was a story that I have been developing since I was eight. I just now made it. A boy in gold. A warrior of god, he is sent to earth to gain his power, and ...

Author: Carson Prince

Terminal Suicide: Insanity

35-36 pages. Malakai, whom has a last name of Hoover, had recently been diagnosed with Terminal Caner; in other words, Terminal Illness. Though some may not understand the meaning of such a diagnosis...

Author: Lukai Society

Re-Written Fairy Tales

As a Class we decided to compile all of the fairy tales we wrote as an assignment into a book. Our class learned about the writing process and the editing process along the way. we hope you enjoy our ...

Author: SCCHS Creative Writing 2024

Poppies of Gold

A story with a twist.

Author: J. O Shokanbi

A Magic World Rewritten

Author: Micah J Nicholson

Sunshine Elegy

Sunshine Elegy is a poem book for the friends that shaped the author's grade school years. Despite its intimate nature, the poetry is accessible to all who like to read. The book is split into differ...

Author: Parker Maslowski

Paintings, drawings and digital arts by Ágnes Várn

Paintings, drawings and digital arts by Ágnes Várnagy Várnagy Ágnes festményei, grafikái és digitális munkái 2007- napjainkig/ today by Ágnes Várnagy

Author: Várnagy Ágnes

Cypher in the Valley

A years journey of shared thoughts and pictures posted every month.

Author: Jeannine Gilkison

The Adventures of Harvey the Young Harvest Mouse

Harvey is a young harvest mouse in search of adventures - and he certainly succeeds in finding them! The book is dedicated to my grand-daughter Sienna.

Author: Clive Martin

the eye

Author: hope lenhart

the monster in the woods

Author: hope lenhart

the price of a wish

Author: hope lenhart

Everything back but you.

This is a poetry book about a falling to pieces relationship.

Author: Leo Goodwin

About Granny

This book is about my earliest memories as a young child growing up in the 1950s to the time of writing in 2016. I wrote it primarily for my grandchildren, but also my children. It is an account of wh...

Author: Janet Atkinson

The Stainer Story

Arthur Stainer's account of the Stainer Family.

Author: Joe Stainer

Muddy and The Great Commandment

Third book from The Adventures Of Muddy . Where it's showing and teaching kids the importance of faith and love .

Author: Wilton Archer

Animal Tales

A small collection of animal theme poems

Author: Llewela Evans

Crazy Cat Lady

The stories of my six crazy cats as they tell them.


The Great Florida Birding Year 2022

I created this book to show the diversity of Florida birds. I spent the year exploring Florida and photographing over 150 bird species. This is a collection of some of the photographs. I

Author: Pamela Atwell

Chasing After God

This book is for anyone who is single and is looking for a healthy relationship. First, Chase After God, and you will find the answers to your search.

Author: Lucinda Jones

Chasing After God

This book is for anyone who is single and is looking for a healthy relationship. First, Chase After God, and you will find the answers to your search.

Author: Lucinda Jones

The Story of Turkey's Big Escape

It's Thanksgiving Eve and Turkey is on the menu. He doesn't want to be Thanksgiving dinner. How will he escape?

Author: Lincoln LaCommare


Good, funny, appropriate

Author: Elizabeth and Jane

For the Greats-My Joy

This series of short stories has been written as a memoir for my great-grandchildren to enjoy. When I found myself with little to do, an abundance of free time in the winter of life, I decided to put...

Author: Pamela Moreau

Celebrating 19 Years.

Book of well wishes from A-Line Staffing's 19th Anniversary.

Author: Team of A-Line Staffing


A collection of short stories.

Author: Jasmine Pinedo

Warrior cats:Rustclaws revenge

Intrested in arrior cats? then this fanmade book is for you, if people will like this, i will make og book with full story!

Author: Polakova

Lexi and the Dragon

A small girl called Lexi awakes in a strange room and soon finds herself in a fantasy world. Lexi must battle to save the land from an angry Dragon.

Author: Tony Knox

Dog Tales and Tails

This book expresses my love of dogs, which I hope becomes clear to the reader. I have been very fortunate to have had the companionship of dogs for a large part of my life and this is my account and r...

Author: Damian Smyth

Every Color In The World

Once again the new kid in school, Dean is immediately noticed by the hipster crowd, who like his unique clothes and quirky personality. He's not interested....until he catches sight of the blue-eyed s...

Author: Christina Furtado

Rugby World Cup Odyssey 2023

This is a book about our trip(s) to the Rugby World Cup 2023 in France in September and October of that year. It follows Ireland's progress through the tournament as well as the time we spent between ...

Author: Damian Smyth

Our Dubs Family on The Hill

This is a book about groups of friends who met through their support of the Dublin Gaelic Football Team. We all met on Hill 16 in Croke Park in Dublin, the national Gaelic Athletic Association (Cumann...

Author: Damian Smyth

The Migration Scare

A duck finds it way through being on his own.

Author: Madison Rector


a tragic love story of a hopeless romantic

Author: khala

My Dorky Diary

It's about a girl named Nicole who has a lot of drama in her life and she's such a dork that's why the book is called My Dorky Diary

Author: Zoe Annalise Brown

End of the World

This is book about Truth that saves and liberates Us!

Author: Gabriela Stoyanova


This book is about A prince of darkness who has to settle his issues with his past in order to lead his kind to a better salvation. This is the books first issue ill be sure to write more plaese enjoy...

Author: Malcolm Mawanda

story book

Step into the enchanting world of "Adventures in Wonderwood: A Magical Journey" and join Lily and Max, two curious young explorers, on an extraordinary quest that sparks imagination, friendship, and b...

Author: Aleesha

The kids story

I am the author Marie Mario of this book. I made it for kids to use for any educational purposes, I hope it will be very useful book for kids. Kindly like and support my book. Author Marie Mario

Author: Merry Mario

Dordogne Holiday 2023

Family holiday in The Dordogne 2023

Author: Alison Garrett


This book is about mental abuse of course every individual has different experiences of the bullying and abuse that they have been through. I am someone who was kept in a protective bubble by my very ...

Author: Maxi Ellen

21st Flow

My life is simple: a couple task here and there and maybe the slight chance for a complexity. 21st Flow is me at this point in my life. A chapter that’s still unraveling as history creates itself. Red...

Author: Jared Brown

The Chosen One's Revelation

Author: Vardhan Joshi

A unicorn, a silly torn.

My name is Anne Zeng, and this book is a poetry book. My goal is to show some people imagination, hardworking, and real richness, Whatever it is. I hope you enjoy the beautiful book about poetry. I di...

Author: Anne Zeng

"India: Echoes of the Past in the Present,"

"India: Echoes of the Past in the Present" is an extensive exploration of India's journey from historical times to the contemporary age. Written by Munaquib Ali, this book offers a comprehensive under...

Author: is a scholar deeply versed in India's history, cu

The New Life

I tried my best!

Author: Tryston Arredondo


Short paragraphs describing instances of procrastination in later life, with occasional relevant photographs.

Author: Berbie Harmsen

the old history

its all about sir issac newton

Author: khushikumari

"Reyalisasyon sa Reyalidad"

Ang librong ito ay naglalaman ng mga tulang magbibigay boses sa mga kabataang nawawalan ng tinig sa mapanghusgang lipunan.

Author: Ma. Camille L. Sevilla


Mga tulang tagalog, tungkol sa paghilom ng mga sugat ng pag-ibig. Mga tulang magbibigay pag-asa at magtatanggal ng bagabag sainyong mga isipan. Mga tulang gagabay at sasamahan ka, upang hilumin ang mg...

Author: Ma. Camille L. Sevilla

I am the Ocean

A book made about a Young Carer and her Brother. Through the eyes and experience of the Young Carer

Author: Sophia Welsh


on Japan

Author: wasiqjaam


The adventures of Milo the chiweenie!

Author: Lisa Jurkowski

Adam Henderson's mmagic Rainbow

Adam henderson's magic rainbow

Author: Megan Mull Henderson


This is my personal record of my appointment at BAT Stores as Chief Development Surveyor between 1976 and 1981. This was the most exciting period of my career as we had unlimited funding from one of t...

Author: Robert Pulford

Magical Minds

My book is all about the adventures of Amina Fitzgerald and Alex. Amina gets an unpleasant surprise when she was 16 and after that, her life became terror. Amina and Alex embark on journeys with myste...

Author: Jensen Remmer-Riley

The World Is Always On My Mind

Book of poetry based on my life experiences

Author: Zaqia F. Crawford


A book of poetry for children of all ages. Most of the poems were written for use with primary school children in the UK and Hong Kong. Some were just for fun - some were used to generate classroom di...

Author: Colin Page

Wise one's

A Word of Advice

Author: Ebenezer Odunayo


My book is about a little Queen name Ava Rose, who is always FLAWSOME 2. She is very smart and intelligent. Ava loves to dress up, she love to do her nails, she loves to make sure her hair is pretty.T...

Author: Louretta Madkins

Photo and Memory Book

Photo and Memory Book for Nana

Author: Amy

Player One

"In a world where gaming and adventure collide, young Kevin embarks on a thrilling journey that takes him from the comfort of his living room to the treacherous landscapes of virtual realms. When his ...

Author: Oliver Russell

The curse of the cured knife

scary it is in the book store

Author: Aiden Absher

The History of Charville

The History of Charville is a photo book showing the achievements of two young Chartered Surveyors who started in business 42 years ago and eventually built over 250,000 sq ft of new space, both comme...

Author: Robert Pulford

The core Rooms

Join Jonah on a adventure to save the world in a exciting book

Author: Jonah D Butler

A wonderful gamer girl

This book is about a young girl who was a good gamer girl who's cousin who hated on her and her dreams: true story

Author: Kensley Conley


A day-to-day well-being planner, to better your health, yourself and your life! This helps you to control your intake and helps you to stay organised for a whole month! This online book can be made in...

Author: Eliana Bulla

The Unofficial Guide to Scotch Tape

This book includes everything that you need to know about Scotch Tape. That includes the history of tape in it and how it was invented. If you are one of those people who loves tape and uses it everyw...

Author: Colby Haugen


The Herobeans first strike is never the last, see the first and starting attack from the herobrian.

Author: SkullTrooper


The book is a collection of prayers God as a dedication of my love for Him


Legends of Sleepy Hollow - Disney Series Books

The first book of the Disney Series!

Author: John Writer

The Adventures Of Sasha Banks and Seth Rollins

This book is a Chapter Book and This is my very first book that I have ever wrote in my life and it is a fun experience writing this book and this is a very fun story that i wrote myself and you are g...



My own Cookbook

Author: Miley Lee

Small hometown to Big city

This is a book about why I left home when I turned 19. And how you can do then same.

Author: Rylie Krueger

The faceless child

This book is about a kid named Tyler who started seeing this figure and this figure was not like any other, this one was faceless. This book tells how Tyler and his Dad Adam have to live with this thi...

Author: Alexander Bentivoglio

From When I Could Walk

I hope this carries a Conclusion Causing Closure of Delusion. Deep, Definitive Decision. Ditching Dyer Disposition. Maybe I Forgot to Mention. That this Butterfly's Infection. Causes Constant Rec...

Author: Shena Marie

Cocktail Menu

List of cocktails

Author: Richard

The Landmark

This book describes the history of the landmark property of Tarrytown

Author: Jim Desimone


This book is for everyone that just needs a break. The poems in this book are not placed in any order, they are all just writings of mine I wanted to get out and into the world. I have a deep love fo...

Author: Benjamin Colburn


Author: aria st peter

Alexis and the mysterious cave of wonders

A girl called Alexis explores a cave in which people have gone missing she explores a cave a finds 3 souls in order to free them she needs to fight an evil spirit which is not actually and evil spirit...

Author: Myra Khiljee

The London Monster Book

Discover the monsters of London! Whether they're hiding in Hampstead Heath or swimming down the River Thames, each one of them has a story and they're all waiting to meet you!

Author: Jo Garwod

Capstone Cookbook

Healthy recipe book full of easy, tasty, and cheap meals because eating well CAN be fun!

Author: Avery Stewart

all about animals

Author: Jameson hudson

Pursuing Peace Devotional

30 day devotional using scripture, journaling, and reflection to help people draw closer to Jesus, know their identity in Christ, and pursue peace in their lives.

Author: Antonio M. Parente

Stella The Super Spider

Stella gets bullied.

Author: Noemi Ucha

Programmet presenteres av Roy Albert Hall

Passe urteite setninger fra et utrolig kjedelig liv. Dikt 2022.

Author: Roy Albert Hall

2020 Adventures

2020 adventures

Author: Sarah Kreitzer

Father and Daughter - 2022 - A Year In Words And Images

As 2022 approached, we decided to write a 4 line poem or thereabouts on each day of the new year, accompanied by a photograph or image relevant to the poem. We agreed to take alternate days and this i...

Author: Damian Smyth and Róisín Smyth

Mythical world 1 Under a spell.

Welcome people of the outsiders this is a story of a girl named sophie quilt she goes to a school that she doesn’t know that she can go there she meets a boy named Andrew lawyer and he puts her und...

Author: Alexis F Sanzalone

the things i wrote when i was younger

its more then one book so you just gotta read it.

Author: hayden leroy

Bare Smoke Reviews

Full of words of wisdom and nice reviews. P.s. I hope you have ribs because you will have none left after reading this. Thanks babes.

Author: M Dog

The First Emergence

A War, A Tyranny, A Government and a rebellion against Dotyville and Mayo to take them down but they have to stay strong by building an army and taking down File's tyrants

Author: Braylon Doty



Author: ฟฟ

Pursuing Peace

30 day devotional using scripture, journaling, and reflection to help people pursue peace in their lives.

Author: Antonio M. Parente

sml history


Author: Johnl ongstreet

Mom's poetry

This is a picture book filled with 36 poems written by Martha Steadman, my mother.

Author: Lona Courington

Life in poetry: open-eyed dreaming

A beautiful collection of poems covering a range of imaginative topics

Author: Lorraine Schulze


it is about my love when it was painful

Author: Rexx

Capstone Manual

This is a manual created for my capstone project. I created this manual o help general education teachers foster effective classroom management in the presence of those impacted by autism spectrum dis...

Author: Anna Woinarowicz

The Little Girl!

This book is based on a little girl who travels to a haunted hotel unintentionally in her sleep and was asked to complete a mission due to escape and travel back to her homeland. If you want to know m...

Author: Harrison D

descendants 4 fandom

its a fandom of what i think descendants 4 would be

Author: Mia DeOrdio

the ABC's of Parenting

The ABCs of Parenting - words of wisdom for new parents A collection of parenting tips from parents who have been there.

Author: Rhonda DiGenova


Ethan is an ordinary boy that is until he discovers that he can travel to a world where monsters roam freely. Go on this wonderful adventure with Ethan and discover the answer to two important questio...

Author: Mataya Shumway

Richard & Stanley May's TITANIC

The May brothers sailed on TITANIC for just 24 hours, from Southampton, England to Queenstown, Ireland on April 10-11, 1912. They were First Class Passengers joined by sister Lily Odell, her son Jack...

Author: Dan Cencak



Author: nikki

The Dreams

It's about 3 types of stories witch was made (fiction) For fun and for people over age 10+ the story doesn't contain very bad stuff but the author tried his best! Enjoy


Ink and a Conscience

An anthology of poems about pain but also healing, about defeat but also victory, about the ugliness and beauty in life, about the shadows and the light and ultimately, about triumph...

Author: Heidi Lewis

descendants songs

this book has all the main descendants 1 2 3 songs

Author: m.g. whitney

Christmas with Don

Our Uncle Don's Christmas Guide for the month of December. We were incredibly lucky to get this insight from him during his final year before passing away. The book is a December count down providin...

Author: Simon Palmer

Yandere Alpha (Part 1)

Its about a girl who got the powerful mythical kitsune and she is her friends only hope to keep the world protected from danger...

Author: Sage Machado

The field trip

This book is about two people who are in love and they are both scared to tell each other.

Author: R.A.S

NEVER GIVE UP my weght lost journey. book is about my journy on loseing weght and its a short journey i also giveing incourage to pepole who want to lose weght and feel confiedent about themselfs if there not already ands its about...

Author: makiya jemison

Rosy and Edu

A collection of photos of the wedding of Rosy Sabatino and Edu Neto.

Author: Helen Rowland

First Day of middle School

My book is can be understandable by some people but other then that my book is really just something that is their.

Author: Carl'a Rouse


The Knight are romantic love poetry escalating deep feelings of love And hope for better lives.Explore in the world of love , romance and deep intimacy that will give you an exciting yet fun experi...





Black Men Today in America

My book is on the everyday black life of a man and how for men to navigate life no matter what circumstance. If they are from a wealthy area contrasted to if they are from a poor area. The book tries ...

Author: Cameron Greene

A Bag of Bones Between Us

This book is what happens when you mix a whole mess of life with a simple man just looking for answers. If you're someone who feels alone or out of place in any sense, this publication probably won't ...

Author: Colby Markwell

Raoul Cort - Thoughts and feelings

This book is a selection of poems and photography by my friend Raoul Cort.

Author: Michela Costa

Just Me And That's Okay

A poetry book full of blood, sweat, tears, and lots of love. This book will take you through the highs and lows of my life, but will also leave you wanting more

Author: Krystal Racey

France's Troubled History

Two illustrated essays centred on France's troubled history 1] The burden of the post-Revolution saga 2] Relations with Britain from Bayeaux to Brexit

Author: Alister Cox

French Republican Values

Two illustrated essays about French Republican Values 1] In today's France. 2] Implicit in WW1 war memorials.

Author: Alister Cox

De Gaulle Reconsidered

Two illustrated essays centred on de Gaulle 1. His relations with Pétain 2. His legacy in the form of Gaullism

Author: Alister Cox

Quarantine Washing machine

A collection of poems and stories made by 3 friends during the Covid lockdown, not to be taken too seriously.

Author: Paul Summers

Roses of the Lamb

The poems and artistic renderings within this book result in a beautiful portrait of a greatly beloved woman of God. The warmth and depth of her talent are seen here in prose and art that takes the re...

Author: Hazel Cottrell

Hawaii Trip of June 2022

This is a book highlighting our trip to Hawaii in June 2022. I have ordered one book for Bobby and one book for me.

Author: Robert Sequeira

Anthology Of The Red Lady

It's an anthology I made for my best friend for her birthday

Author: Nasser Khan

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost: Volume 2

A detailed account of all my adventures in my first experience of travelling the Eastern World in 2017.

Author: James Gifford

The north weather

It’s about the cold and hot weather

Author: Noah said

Words From The Heart

When spoken words couldn't convey how I felt, I always found it easier to write them down. Words From The Heart is a journey through my life, and how I was feeling at certain times. From love to loss,...

Author: Cassandra Creyer

A Mother's Month of Mourning

A bool of poems written in the 1st month of mourning the loss of my daughter

Author: DENISE LEE (responsible publisher)

How To Commit War Crimes

do not buy please its a waste.

Author: Grzegorz Brzeczyszczykiewicz

Our Story

Our beautiful story, out there for the rest of the world to read what we lived. I love you.

Author: Marina Calderon Dura



Author: e


reacting is a part of life i show a very important part of my life

Author: Carmen salce

Family Cookbook

Author: The Birtles Family

The Adventurous Friends

There is a girl that moves to Texas and meets two new friends, they go on a quest to find her friends mom in the New Universe. Will they come back?, Will they make it?, No one knows, yet.

Author: Allisyn Thompson

Working with students who have Special Needs

Working with students who have disabilites. This explains different tools you can incorporate into learning to help these students.

Author: Molly Hayden

Congratulations, Mrs. Gonzalez!

Congratulations gift for Oneida Gonzalez.


Authentically European

Authentically European is a European cookbook that allows readers to cook an appetizer, main dish, and dessert alongside descendants of Europe. The recipes are written so anyone with any amount of coo...

Author: Courtney Harvey

The Amazing Magic Bed

Grandad makes a magic bed for his grand daughter

Author: William McTaff

The Three Little Pharaohs

TALES OF EGYPT I am 8 years old and this was written as my school project on Egypt.

Author: Louie Robert Santo

Mom's Memories

A book of family photos

Author: Mary's Daughters

Erika's Baby Book

Erika's baby book - Final Edits

Author: MWLC Family

Plaka Cat

In August 2010, my wife and I brought back six cats from Crete. This is the story of how we came by them, from the moment we set foot on the Island in 2007 to our eventual return to the UK.

Author: Barry Atkinson

Sally book

Author: Mandy Ryan

A Day in the Life of Calli

Calli has a busy and fun day. Read to find out all the things Calli experiences in a typical day!

Author: Dr. Sherri Walsh

Calli Gets a Haircut

The third book in Calli's adventurous life shows Calli getting a haircut. This book contains High-Frequency Words, Vocabulary building, and support for early readers.

Author: Dr. Sherri Walsh

There's A Worm In My Apple

A fun kids Book

Author: Preston

Bode Family Tales

A book that records Bode family anecdotes and history so that it may not be lost in the mists of time.

Author: William Bode

All about widows empowerment

Amazing book to know and learn about with friends family and some information that can be shocking to you.

Author: Zuriel Kigho

Our Chamberlin Ancestors Book 1

I have tried to record all I know about Reginald Arthur Chamberlin and his ancestors. He is the father of my sister Paulette and myself. Some of our ancestors are more interesring than others!

Author: Julia Cooper

Chaotic love

A love story, as a poem.. The love from afar, the love you didn't deserve and the love we wish we had.

Author: Marriyah Zafar

The Hads I Embraced by Jairo Santos

My book is about different major phases that occurred in my life as a young teenager still navigating in this vast world with a youthful and curious mind. You will see in this book of the things I'v...

Author: Jairo Santos

the zombie mom and the kid

A zombie mom meets her kid that got kidnapped

Author: jenna

3 Wild Horses

This is about 3 horses being wild then getting captured -they really can be wild this book shows how strong they are they are amazing

Author: Rosie Lele

Calli's Bike Ride

The second book is about Calli the dog and her adventures with her dad. This book is great for Reading Recovery or low-level readers. It features high-frequency words, vocabulary enrichment, and hig...

Author: Dr. Sherri Walsh

My Dearest Emma

A book written entirely in the format of one continuous letter. Unquestionable love from beginning and throughout as Arthur, who is nearing the inevitable, writes one final passage to his daughter.

Author: Bradley Dunne

moving day

it is fun to read to your kids and to read once a night

Author: thank you so much for this buck

My Diary

Warning: Don't let anyone go to your personal things like your diary. Write whatever you want and make your dreams come true.

Author: Bilqis Abdulhakeem Ilemobola

6 Quran Stories In English

Quran is spelled as Qur’aan, Koran and commonly as Quran. Quran is the noble and Holy Book of the Islamic religion. Muslims believe in Quran as the word of God (Allah). Quran was revealed to Prophet M...

Author: Bilqis Abdulhakeem Ilemobola

Warrior Princess

<3 Sara <3

Author: Caylin Lancione

Calli Goes to Work

I teach Reading Recovery students. My books will be a series about the adventures of a miniature schnauzer named Calli. The books will contain many sight words for beginning readers.

Author: Dr. Sherri Walsh

Fairy Tales are real

A 20 year journey back to the only Love she had ever known to be followed by a twist of fate....

Author: Mrs. William L Campbell V.


A simple yet profound reflection about knowing the love of Jesus for you; a reflection about knowing who you are because of His love. This book is excellent for children as well as adults.

Author: Marianne Chalk

Love, family & golf made for a beautiful life

This short novel shares the stories of life as the Daughter of a former Ontario PGA professional. I share unique stories of growing up with the game of golf as the centre of mine and my family's world...

Author: Chelsea Hinds

My Black Crucifix

My Black Crucifix is the story of a married couple facing an obstacle at an important time in their life. With the help of a superior force - a black crucifix hanging from the inner wall of an abandon...

Author: Alejandro Abaunza

Rouseabout's seven year circumnavigation

Sailing circumnavigation in a 12 metre sloop departing from Melbourne, Australia in 1993. Also Including their travel around Europe in an old campervan visiting over 60 counties in all. The book cov...

Author: Patricia and John Bloom

Sage And Sasha

Sage and Sasha are best friends!

Author: Noemi Ucha

33 Years My Book Of Lyrics And Pictures 1988-2021

Follow the musical journey of singer songwriter Mark Sinnis from the beginning in 1988 with his punk turned gothic band Apostates. In 1998 Ninth House is born and the evolution of his music continues ...

Author: Mark Sinnis


IT is about a young queen back in 69BC when she dies

Author: Aliyah Smith

the book about manny

this is a book about my service dog in traing.

Author: Mia squillace

Remembering Hiromi

Remembering Hiromi

Author: Olga Hiiva

Collected Poems

Reader beware: Some of these poems are truly terrible. Some are merely bad. Some are embarrassing, some are good, and a few have even been published. Read at your own risk.

Author: Elizabeth K. Daly

Collection Of Disabled Poets

Collection Of Poems by Disabled Authors

Author: Ashley Moyer

My Children

This is a photobook that captures a series of events that occurred during the time my children were young until they reached adulthood. The setting takes place mainly in Canada and the USA. Some epi...

Author: Dotsy Tombran Conway

The Christmas Day!

This Book is about Christmas And Christmas Eve and what they do everyday to Celebrate December the family is grateful for what they have

Author: Isaiah Soberanis

The First Collection

All but a few in this book are lyrical poetic pieces about the human spectrum of emotions. There is one poem included in which the author lets the reader in closer to her world. * A handful of page...

Author: Susan Bartlett


this book is about a girl who runs into the woods and finds something very mysterious! Read till the end to find out what happens


Black Honey Nostalgia

A stream of thoughts from a non-conformist and hopeless romantic.

Author: Javon Mitchell

David Smith - A Tribute

A collection of memories of our dear friend Dave, who was taken from us far too soon. He leaves a big hole in the lives of so many. He was a special guy, one in a million. Shine bright up there Mr. Sm...

Author: Christina Taylor

the disaster

this is a book called a boy a mum and the tornado.the boys name is john hes 9 years old and his nightmare came to life.And the mystery remains unsolved...

Author: mosawer walizadeh

cat man

A funny book

Author: Hayes


Author: Malcolm Hauser

La Tauromaquia

Class Project

Author: Corridas de Toros

A Collection of Cricket Writing Vol 1 2019-21

A collection of thought provoking cricket writing centered on Bangladesh cricket.

Author: Tawhid Qureshi


Tucker and Channing love ice cream. while walking down an ally they find an ice cream stand. they buy some ice but feel funny read the rest to find out. Mild language warning.

Author: Tucker Bryant

the babta

its about a demond and a demon hunter but its not done yet

Author: Kyron smith

My life story

The poems represent how I feel and how I was treated and how I spend my life

Author: Mellisa Thompson

for sale

THIs page about things to sale,we sale passsion fruits,irshannd sweetpotatoes at good price contact me at 0772827038

Author: Samson


“There´s this guy I met a few years ago: he´s funny, charming and I think he would be a good candidate to be a boyfriend but there´s a problem: he´s dating someone else. Yup story of my life, the guys...

Author: P.FLORES


its my first book ever

Author: justin ponds

Poem A Day

A poem for every day of 2018.

Author: Megan Crawford

Taras Danyluk

Here's Tara's memory book

Author: Rachel Waldron

Bernard's 50th!

Bernard's 50th birthday

Author: srk

Du-Rag Man Adventures

Fiction Story about the Adventures of Du-rag man

Author: Richard & Elijah Gomez

Devon Bell Life

This book is about my life and what am i good through.

Author: Devon Saffo

Raising Chicks Without Hens

Author: Colby Haugen

Love Letters Volume 3

Author: Traci Hagler

Lockdown London

A unique look at London during the Covid-19 Pandemic lockdowns of 2020 and 2021. The pictures show parts of London as they have never been seen before in the city's history- day or night, weekend or...

Author: Anthony Lock

Taking More Time

This book is my fourth collection of poems, rhymes and reflections and is a continuation and completion of my efforts in my first three books – “Poems Written in a Pandemic”, “Reflections on the Past ...

Author: Damian Smyth

Golden Wedding Celebration

Made with love and laughter

Author: Clare Shuker

Windows to the soul

Therapist Celia Cáceres is enjoying her long and single life, accompanied by family and friends until the nosy co-workers popped the dreaded question: Why don´t you date? Unwilling to find a man that ...

Author: P.Flores

Teenage Poetry

It is a book of poems written in 2021 by myself about... whatever a person such as myself writes poems about. Some poems are quite long, some are not. There are 27 poems total.

Author: Bronwyn Liddle


this book describes the lifestyle of Ariana Grande and other really cool facts !

Author: Aksheera Narsing




Stuigi's Adventure

Struigi's adventure is a Christmas story for my nieces and nephews that includes Grandma Rosella's struffoli recipe.

Author: Mary Sperrazza

Sue's 70th Birthday

Memories of many years of friendship

Author: Solentro

The sad life about Jane and Jamal

Hi I am Rahaf I published it and The first few pages are for Jane and last few pages are Jamal

Author: Rahaf Eltoukhy

The Life of Me, Myself and I

A group of stories detailing the struggles and battles that ordinary people can face day-to-day. True courage displayed throughout from the individuals willing to share their story. Suitable ONLY ...

Author: Bradley Dunne

Grace Leaving

Some kind words to send Grace off on her new adventure

Author: Jordan Marchant


This book is about things you need to know about adoption and how to adopt

Author: Shena Wheeler

Tracey's Retirement

to commemorate the retirement of our dear friend Tracey

Author: Amanda Hopwood

Wilkinson Project

Professor Wilkinson's retirement gift.

Author: ESOH Department

Life's Journeys

Mom's book

Author: Beverly D. Llorens

the fat rat named lat

The young rat named Lat gets a gun and its odd what happens.

Author: Carter

The Man and his Beard

This book is about my dad and his beard. It is fiction!

Author: Gracie Ludwick

A Soul Like Nicki

This is a book of poetry about my soul awakening. A journey that provided me a portrait of who I was and how I can heal from my own tormented experiences. Inspired by the legendary Stevie Nick's who ...

Author: Grace J Kopesky

Chef Steph Sheff's Favourite Recipes

A collection of favourite home recipes, put together to pass down to my children and grandchildren

Author: Stephanie Sheffield

Body Image


Author: Hannah Ali

equestria girls we do battle of bands

It's mainly about my dreams

Author: Michelle jones

Natalie Ann from the North End

Memories and pictures from my childhood growing up in Boston's North End in the 1950s.

Author: Natalie Cinelli

The Goddess Of Light

Born with an ability to heal and see spiritual beings, unknown past, reborned as a normal high school student, but what happens when she lays eyes on a young man who has a secret that surprised her. ...

Author: Cecilia Gutierrez

Thoughts for the Day

Beautiful musings on life to uplift your spirits and transcend daily life. Perfect for inspiring meditation and overall well-being.

Author: Mario & Lexi

How does your body work

Author: Kevan Jayawardhana

Money isn't everything and what I like to reas

It's amazing and what like to read and about money isn't everything.

Author: Jomi fatoyinbo


Just a young woman telling her story through poetry. Poems about our world, heartbreaks and new relationships. ENJOY!


Gluten Free Treats

Struggling to find tasty recipes that are suitable for coeliacs? You've come to the right place! In this book you will find carefully selected recipes that you can follow to bake the most delicious gl...

Author: Katie Pownall

Seeing Jackson Hole from another perspective

My book focus on a different perspective of my home town, Jackson Hole, WY. Jackson is known for its sight seeing, hiking and skiing. It shows the point of view of a person who has disabilities and ho...

Author: Amelia Hunt

Linda's Retirement

Farewell Linda!

Author: Idaho Community Foundation

Undefinable Volume 1

words. thoughts. experiences.

Author: J.H.

Luke's Family

Memory Book

Author: Breeda O'Mahoney

Jelly Juice.

A little boy with a hunger for jelly. But not all goes to plan. Read this and it will make you laugh out loud.

Author: Kylie Forrester

Margaret London


Author: Alan London

Just a Thot

This is a collection of poems written by my grandmother (Grandma Hazel). Her daughter, Lee Ann Ball, wanted to put them in a book so all the grandchildren and great grandchildren could have them.

Author: Brian Ball

Moving On

This is a sad short story about a girl named Stacy. I will be writing more to this, because this is just the sneek peek. The whole thing won't just be a short story, but a novel, so stay tuned!

Author: Emily Benson


Author: Ebube Duru

Donna's Retirement

Let's share our best wishes for Donna's retirement. This book is a place to share a story, a favorite place to visit or eat, a memory or whatever you feel Donna would enjoy reading and remembering her...

Author: Compliance & Audit

100 Maths Questions Checked By The Real CEM

This book has over 99 questions I can`t say who won`t live without this!

Author: CEM 11+ Fun

Mel Story

Mel is upset upset with her stepmom because she told Melthat they are moving. Mel is devastated because she doesn't want to move

Author: Mellisa Thompson

Vampire Love

This book is about the risks you are willing to take to be with the person you love weather it is the same sex or not. You can either risk some small things or risk some major things like your life. I...

Author: Jada Hawn


How the CBRN Centre works

Author: Dave Lowe

General knowledge

This book is full of Questions to keep you mind whirring!


Grand opening

Grand opening will reveal the secret resources that you never hear about. It is possible for anyone to start a business! Following the steps in this book, can lead your idea to the success of your b...

Author: Jennafer Conley

The tiger Who killed two



space photo book

you can see piturs of space

Author: Vidhyyut

summer photots

summer photos

Author: Emmanuel Ali

Remembering Mum

This book of rememberance was made to celebrate the life of our beautiful, happy, kind and loving mum, Gloria. We like to remember the wonderful times we have shared with her. She had the most wonderf...

Author: Rossana Castro

Seshendra: Visionary Poet of the Millennium

Rivers and poets Are veins and arteries Of a country. Rivers flow like poems For animals, for birds And for human beings- The dreams that rivers dream Bear fruit in the fields The dreams that poets dr...

Author: Saatyaki S/o Seshendra Sharma

Kri življenja

Author: Toplina srca

All the Russia's (2017)

This book is an abstract collection of Cyrillic Alphabet, and Russian History. Set in Simple Black and White, this holiday collection combines Russian History and Exotic Images.

Author: Tambouru Hayes/Prelate Marx

The Basis of Self

My Book analyzes the background of human identity and purpose using personal, ethical, and hypothetical reasoning.

Author: Bryce Isler

Maths For CEM 11+ Made By Real CEM

This Book Is full of CEM Maths and past Questions Made by the actual CEM

Author: CEM

World War ll

World War 2! Buy it and learn about the History of World War 2! Author: Kaysun Kamali

Author: Kaysun Kamali

Ankit Chand


Author: Ankit

Leon's Best Day Ever

Leon learns the days of the week while exploring many adventures. Each day and adventure leads him to his best day ever. This book is best for ages 3 - 7 years of age.

Author: Lynda L Jewell

Trish Rememberance Book

Remembrance book for Patricia Redhead

Author: In Memory of Patricia Redhead

Our Love Story

When it comes to love, it's not always easy expressing how you feel. With poetry, we were able to communicate our love to each other. This is a story of our relationship. From infatuation to fighting ...

Author: Rina Pastor


Author: sofia martinez


Ballet is a short story. A fictional depiction of the symbiotic relationship between dance culture and passion used as a muse. The main character Zalia as she balances adulthood and her new relationsh...

Author: Brandon Daniels

From One Year to Another

This book is my third collection of poems, rhymes and reflections and is a continuation of my efforts in my first two books - "Poems Written in a Pandemic" and "Reflections on the Past and Now". As wi...

Author: Damian Smyth

The Legend of the Blue Feather

My Proposal to and Declaration of Love to Chandler James Berry.

Author: Kayla Young

Dana recipe book

This is our first book and we have decided to name it dana book since the first owner is smaller than the second owner. Our book is about how to make a really basic strawberry smoothie bowl which only...

Author: Dana alraeesi

Magical Maddie

Magical Maddie is a suspenseful, imaginative book about a little girl who can fly, She is faced with the challenge of saving her castle and her family. She has to use her wings like never before!

Author: Emily Ariel Williamson

Emily's 21st

Author: Jon Hughes


A lovingly crafted collection of tales of the Shepherd family of generations past.

Author: James Andrew Shepherd

A tribute to Coleen

When I lost my beautiful friend, Coleen Ellis Maguire in February 2015, the only way that I could process my grief was to put it into a creative outlet. I wanted her three young children, Andy, Finn ...

Author: Kirsten Marchioli

25th July

This book will remind you of what real love is! This book is based on a true story. Is full of love and adventure, keep in your tears and say a big "awe". Enjoy reading my book :)

Author: raihana

the biggining

the bigining of my book

Author: lucian stancu


test kia h

Author: vaibhav

Wolves In The Wild

Wolves are animals that you won't see all the time, so you may not know much about them. But Read this and you'll learn a lot about wolves and some of their habitats!

Author: Hailey Horrocks

Relatives, Rescue and Reality

Hopefully funny and entertaining.

Author: Cheryl L Charles

Done to Death

Lucio Benny is a former sheriff who was shot in the line of duty and fell into a coma, only to awaken to find himself in the middle of a apoclypse. He travels to georgia in search of his wife, Gema Be...

Author: NoLimitAustin

After a while

Author: Mariah parker

Year1 verbal

this book is sold by primary the teacher who made this is the teacher office please buy it for your child to

Author: Dr office

WW1 letters

This book is a record of my great uncle's letters when he went off to fight in France in April 1916, the photographs that he took and information from his regiments war diary.

Author: Helen Chambers

Photos from WW1 taken by James.F.M.Chambers

A brief description of James and a collection of photographs he took in 1918/19

Author: Helen Chambers

Average Poet Prints Ramblings

Author: Hannah Matthews

Glued Back Together

A collection of my poetry over the years - teen heartbreak, loss, regret, finding love.

Author: Lisa Wallace (Stratton)

Poems for Abigail

These are a compilation of poems which I have written from the point of view of a child’s expression and understanding of her world. The child is my granddaughter, who will be celebrating her fifth b...

Author: Peggy Powers

Beach Glass: Short Stories and Poems

This collection of short stories and poems explores the many various and often bewildering aspects - both positive and negative - - of human behavior. Often, my stories do not end neatly, but allow t...

Author: Marie Vernon

The Survivors

I'm not gonna describe this for you, read it! All I can say is it's worth it all the way once you read the rest of the series. A list of the rest of the series is inside.

Author: Noah Burgos


Volume 2 of poems and musings.

Author: onlyjack

Letters From London

Sometime before my father passed way in 1992 he gave me a brown folder containing all the letters, postcards, and many photographs I had sent home to my family while I was a student in the FSU London ...

Author: Charles S. Namey

The Absent Man

The second in a series of books. This one highlighting the high and lows of an absent family member. Another gripping account of truth and poignance.

Author: Bradley Dunne

Muddy's Faith

With the faith of a clump of dirt ???? .You can change the world ...


Tom Wildschut

Book of Remembrance

Author: Cassie

American History: Paradoxical Truths Part 1

American History: Paradoxical Truths Part 1 is a concise refresher of Early American history. It reanalyzes history from the accepted Anglo-centric perspective and restores the contributive importance...

Author: Nadine Forbes-McBean

As Big As The Sky, Like The Moon

I offer this book to YOU in the same way I offer my love: Arms open wide above to form a circle. This gesture came naturally as a child when my mother asked, "How big is your love?" My genuine respons...

Author: Lisa Hill

The Invisible Thought

An insightful, gripping account of Michael Trueman and his life as he copes with the struggle and grapple of his own mental health. A truly captivating piece of genuineness and honesty.

Author: Bradley Dunne

It’s OK to be SLOW.

This is an adventure of a small, slow Snail in Mrs Grant’s garden. Snail helps other animals, and makes a difference.

Author: Susan Leese

The Astrology of Caitlin Funtanilla

For Caitlin Funtanilla

Author: The Crone

Don't Let Them In

Children and Childhood, Drugs and Addictions, Madness, Paranoia, and Mental Illness, Suspense and Thrillers / addictions, alcoholics, alcoholism, child abuse, childhood, children, domestic abuse, dru...

Author: Silexpl

my tale to Stafford

Author: Brycen Stafford

Friends And more.

Just a lil sum sum

Author: Kymier Fisher

Jimmy Coleman, True Stories

Stories Jimmy Coleman Told me.

Author: Jim Coleman

Kevin Michael Wells, In His Own Words

This is a collection of writings by my deceased son, Kevin Wells, with commentary by me, and contributions from my other son and one of Kevin's best friends.

Author: Christine Wells

I am my beloveds and he is mine!

Journal of love for my beloved before our wedding day

Author: carmisha shamie davis

Pittman Productions: The Illustrated Collection

The complete childhood illustrations of Joseph 'Pittman' Pitt

Author: Verity Pitt


This book is a story book to tell made up story's. this short story is about three kids that were learning about stranger danger and to never talk to strangers and never leave the house but one of the...



i wrote this story about a memory I have with someone special to me I hope he comes back into my life

Author: allysa diane lewis


This book is about Jagaurs

Author: Jason Xu

Merry Christmas ( Mother)

it is for mothers my mother for Christmas i dont think this book is perfect for a gift do use it for ideas thank you

Author: Camille Cartegena

Reflections on the Past and Now - Maxi Size

This book is a collection of poems, rhymes and reflections which were written between June and November 2020. Not content with my efforts in my first book "Poems Written in a Pandemic", I have now un...

Author: Damian Smyth

Reflections on the Past and Now - Classic Size

This book is a collection of poems, rhymes and reflections which were written between June and November 2020. Not content with my efforts in my first book "Poems Written in a Pandemic", I have now un...

Author: Damian Smyth


Finalised book. It doesn't look like all pages come through, those that have photos on seem to not publish, but I hope you can see enough of it. I ended up with 19 different people sending messages a...

Author: Sarah Anderson

Space Failure

Mystery in space.

Author: Varshith Gajula and Eric Wang

Benji's Adventures at the Beach

Jasper's favourite bear, Benji, goes on a beach adventure.

Author: Susan F Friend

Danny's Thoughts

Danny's random thoughts

Author: Nancy

Forever More

A book for our daughter Allegra

Author: Lorena Crisante-Fazio

Bucket & Spade Brigade

A memoir of an epic holiday in Weymouth 2020, the year where the world changed dramatically due to Covid-19.

Author: Gail Heron

Sean's Recovery Story

Author: Sean C Condran

Going to kindergarten

kid is going to kindergarten


Wedding Book

wedding book for Megan

Author: Charlotte Carpenter

the missing tresure

The kids goi on an adventure to get the tresure back

Author: Londyn Whetstone

Silly Dennis

Silly Dennis does so many silly things and some are so silly that they end up bad or good.

Author: Stacy

The family

It is full of sadness and prayer and it's really depressing and emotional. My first book.

Author: By Efesere

soul sister

20 years worth of living formed into poetic words for your eyes only

Author: Jada Boo

The Unfolding Silence

Throughout the past five years of writing this book I have learned so much. Not just about me but life in general. I have learned there is always sunshine even on your worst days. There is a meanin...

Author: Izzy Guleff

A Limerickal Tour of Ireland

This is a book of 235 Limericks featuring cities, towns and villages throughout the 32 counties of Ireland. It was written to raise some much needed funds for Barnardos Ireland. Barnardos’ mission is ...

Author: Damian Smyth

Always serve with a cup of love

This was a labor of love for my two daughters. Given the idea from my sister, Judy, I wanted to put in one place some time-tested recipes passed down from my mother, as well as others that I accumula...

Author: Julie Vitucci Zobrist

"This Is Not a Poetry Book"

This Is Not a Poetry Book - the encompassment of a lifetime of experiences, emotions. The downfall and the uprising all congregated into one, short piece of literature. Take from it what you wish.

Author: Aimée Woolford

Book project 2

A dedication to my Dad for his 90th Birthday

Author: Sharon Cleghorn

Finally Made It

Many know Dj SpitSum; the DJ, the Radio Host, the Producer while few know Octavius ; the traumatized young black man who came from nothing but gained everything he's manifested. Within this book you...

Author: Octavius Boozier

Passion & Peace

To live with passion and pursue peace.

Author: Lucille Morgan

the fox brothers and the girl

this book is my own imagination and the characters are weird but over all the girl telling the story is how I imagined would be if it were me

Author: wolfy heart

Poems From The Puriest Heart

For all poetry lovers....

Author: Mitzi Longmore

gaming book 82 pages

Its gaming

Author: james Ralison


Holiday in California

Author: Claire

Fall Into The Unknown

A collection of poetry born of my soul. I have poured all my pain into this work, my anger, the resentment I hold, the hurt and frustration. A journey into the unknown. I have made discoveries in the ...

Author: Alex Cooke

Assassin Princess

My book is short only 24 pages. It is about a girl named Ashanti, who was a princess but didn't know. Throughout the story she goes through 3 main problems. She just wanted to be in a baking contest....

Author: Arieonna Akenji

New year, new me.

A girl in a teenage body have a normal life with her family and best friend. She have a sleepover and then weird things happens before the new year but then 2020 came to her life which made her more s...

Author: Elvira Andersson

Super HERo tastic

Heros Villans and jewels

Author: Robyn Twisleton-Ward


This book is about a young girl named Lilliyana Jones a few years back she was taken to the STF to do a test on her to make a cure for a painful disease. But it didn't go to plan now she is stuck in ...

Author: Madison Stafford

The Curse

Half DOne but you can read it

Author: James and Carter Moyer

Book project


Wizard's Adventures

A magical adventure filled with imagination and friendship.Wizard is a teddy dragon that belongs to a boy called Jacob. When Jacob says the 'magic words' Wizard comes to life and they go on a adventur...

Author: Steven Holden

tesla models

its about teslas they are my favtion car because they drive them self . and they have a big screen. and you can play game on the tesla car.

Author: brenden talmadge


Thiep Cuoi Mat Vang 2020 Hotline: 094 220 9494

Author: thiepcuoimatvang

Voices Don't Kill

A sequal to the comic series "The Reunion", this book follows the path of a boy looking for answers.Looking for a voice. Looking for other people. looking for anything that will help him stay sane... ...

Author: Noah Burgos

The Art Of Vulnerability

The Art Of Vulnerabilty is less than one hundred pages. A small book designed to create an inner shift and rise up questions many of us tend to hide away from. To build discussions among families, fri...

Author: Tarah Gustanar

Left in the dark

My book is a Historical fiction story based on the Berlin Wall. It shows the love of two siblings and just how much they care for each other.

Author: Isabella Boutwell


My mini-book is the first in a series of mini-books that will tell of the abuse i endured and survived as a child.

Author: Latasha Olson

Story of Us

Love Letters to Keith

Author: Traci Hagler

Book project

This book comes from my journals over the years. I have compiled some of the things that our loving heavenly Father spoke to me over the years, nuggets of wisdom, instruction, correction…and always la...

Author: Robin L. Smith

Poems written in a Pandemic

This is a collection of poems I wrote over the period 20th March to 4th May 2020, more out of something to do during our restricted movements on foot of Covid 19 than any deep poetic urge. Nevertheles...

Author: Damian Smyth

Froggy and Scorpion's holiday: Trip to Spain

This book is a fun, exciting, adventurous, very hilarious and is filled with a lot of humour children's book. The 2 main characters are Froggy and Scorpion. Scorpion is more like a sarcastic, funny, c...

Author: S.H. Skye

The Jeff book

It's about a Jeff

Author: Gabriel Baltisberger

Early Readers Book 1

This book was created for early readers age 3-6 years old. This book will surely prompt your children to start reading and getting to know more about themselves and developing the skills to introduce...

Author: Tenza Bosslady (Jahseen Foster)

Emma's Mission

We are so proud of you serving the Lord. You are so SPECIAL! You are a great example in every way We LOVE YOU dearly Love Mom and Dad

Author: Mom and Dad

You said you would never leave me

My book describes the feelings of being alone

Author: Benita Smith

Grandma's Mangos

A short story of a child and her grandmother, and the lesson of how things take time in life.

Author: Brittany Best

descendants script

its the script of descendants

Author: m.g witney

Letters to Rose

A compilation of letters to Rose Backhus from over 300 people she has impacted throughout her career as a dear friend, colleague, mentor, coach and leader.

Author: Lori Harbaruk and Ora Meles

A Kid From Albany Georgia (Coach KG)

From living in the housing authority to professional head basketball coach in Xi'an China, Albany Georgia's Keith Graves navigates everything about his life.

Author: ???? Shàng zu? tàiquán

Tongue Tied

Tounge Tied is a collection of poems. This book is dedicated to all that love deeply. It's for all that have experienced joy and heartache. It's for soul mates, twin flames, platonic lovers, forbidden...

Author: Trystan Salvatore


This is a book with loads of facts that I know.

Author: Jacob Magrath

Don't Give Up! Finish The Course

Author: Akeal Montgomery

The Poetry Game

The results of a game played by the Clarke family and feared by friends and relations. The poems are witty and eccentric and after much polishing manage to both rhyme and scan. This is mainly a record...

Author: Philippa Bower




Happy birthday, Jeanna!

Happy Birthday, to my best friend!

Author: Becca Kaser

Book project




Ramkrushna farewell

Author: Kingpin M K Pandiyan

Memories of Dad

Memories of our Dad from his family and friends

Author: Emma Jackson

A Horse and a Prayer

Horses have been a part of my life since I was a teenager. I have always had a passion for these noble creatures. This book is a record of my journey with horses.

Author: Caroline Thompson


Book about my cousin

Author: Yvonne

Juppy - A Life

Grandad Jupp's memories

Author: Clare Smith


A collection of poems I wrote in high school.

Author: Anna Boyer

A Collection of Creative Writing

It is a collection of creative writing throughout my high school years.

Author: Gillian B. Gardner

Voices of the Soul

This book is for inspirational reading that can be for quiet moments that you would like to spend on your own. The hope is for the reader to find the solace and peace that everyone seeks.

Author: Rachelle Allen

Doing it for Josh

An insight into the emotional journey following the loss of our son Josh, aged 20, whilst travelling in Australia. A mum’s blog that covers some of her thoughts and tells of the family’s adventures b...

Author: Jayne Furber

Liam and the Pandemic

I wrote this book to explain to my son what was going on just weeks after his birth. It was a tough time where we were stuck at home and life came to an immediate halt. He missed out on bonding with f...

Author: Kristina Santa-Maria

Letters of Gratitude for Chuck and Arlene

This book was a gift for my parents, capturing their 50th wedding anniversary surprise party, pictures of their family and friends throughout different chapters of their lives, and letters that family...

Author: Christine Bellotti

Alerk: The clones of Shadow Knight

Author: Cody Nguyen

Book of Steve 2nd edition

Life lessons

Author: SJ Capital

who is dwanye johnson

this is the story of the rock and how he goes into the wwe

Author: the blunt/Jackson Rosevear

Into The Abyss

This is a small book composed of poems. The poems and pictures in this book were created by me and are strictly for those who are 18 or older. This book contains nudity, depictions of death, and stron...

Author: Benjamin Nelson

Book of Steve

Author: G. Stephen Jizmagian

Locked Senses

A collection of poems inspired by some of the most emotional but memorable times of my life and how I've grown from each of them.

Author: Jacqueline Mara Bakelaar

My Life

This book is my autobiography, along with my ancestry. I have included a wealth of family photographs and also some my grandfather took during his time in the Army and in the second world war. I have ...

Author: Amanda Wass

Justan Acre and the Majestic Bear

Memories of my visits with and lessons from my Master, the Majestic Bear. Read and enjoy the passages. Set the book down and reflect. Let the photos take you away to another time and another place....

Author: Justan Acre

Kixula l

This boy he has something to him, he just oozes out danger but that doesn't matter to the girl from kurapika village. who met and actually talked to this boy, Kixula. Will she live or be killed. will ...

Author: Santiago Manrique

Book project

One Story Four pages

Author: Carter Moyer

The Amazing Adventures of Grandpa and Isla

"The Amazing Adventures of Grandpa and Isla" is a love story to my children and grandchildren. It is a story of fantastic adventures that are experienced when Grandpa and Isla the cat venture into a ...

Author: Richard C Robert

Great J


Author: Jack Gabriel

books books

fun, adventures,staying strong

Author: olivia ackley

Lisa's 50th

Lisa's 50th Celebration

Author: Jen Szyluk

2019 Success Stories

Short excerpts about some of the many hospitalized animals at SAGE Redwood City in 2019

Author: Ryan Hutchins


During our time living in the Shueng Wan neighborhood of Hong Kong, it was impossible to miss the proliferation of street and sticker art. Perhaps because I dabbled in the dark arts of high school gra...

Author: Tristyn von Berg

Arc Blazers Year One

Four kids inherit talismens from their parents. They must band together to end the war. Up against a common threat they work together to over come there many challenges. Together they can create a pow...

Author: John Henrick

Typewritten 2019

A collection of fun stories.

Author: P. S. Elder

One day

A happy ever after story.

Author: Aladdin

Thomas William Jarvis

Thomas William Jarvis

Author: Andrew Paul Jarvis

just me

just me

Author: M.D.Bennett

To Be Read as Day Turns to Night

8 new stories which are there to be read at dusk, as the sun goes down and day turns to night, and the security of daylight is replaced by the vulnerability of the dark.

Author: Stephen Rawlinson



Author: Hunter Mitchell

Runie Lodge Fairies

Fairies in the highlands of scotland

Author: Nel Montgomery

The aventures of Wizzy Willow (and James)

The adventures of Wizzy Willow (and james). a childrens book the story of a dog and her best friend james. short poems and drawings.

Author: Gary chell


it is about space

Author: By Aarav jain

Ivy and Ivy

Come and meet Iggy and Ivy along with Nancy, and see what inspired her to write this fun sometimes gripping little story, An easy to read book for just about any age Enjoy

Author: Ann Marie Dowsett

childhood and adolescent stories

This book is stories from my life. Growing up without cellphones was a different time.

Author: James Matthews

The huanting

It started with a woman all in black and set Jake on a quest to stop dracular with his evil plans

Author: Mia norris

3 21’s = LOVE + Much More

A story of my grandson, the love and challenges that come with Down syndrome.

Author: Dan Hamilton

the 3 girls

Three girls go on an adventure and will never forget it.

Author: by phoebe

Carter's new school

Its about a girl named carter and her journey through her new school.

Author: Monica Adabra


This book tells you about my life

Author: CODY K


Author: Dream Hampton

My Life


Author: Cody k

Call Me Crazy

Poems of a heartbroken teenager

Author: annonymous

Book project

Author: Kieran Mavar

It's In The ER

This is the first story I've ever written. Jeremy Stanton, ER doctor, has an unexplainable, unusual experience.

Author: Owen Lyne

The Braggs of Park Avenue

A family history

Author: Stephen Bragg

A Collection of Homilies

My father passed away very unexpectedly on July 5, 2019. This book is a collection of many of his Sunday homilies from his four years as a Deacon in the Catholic Church.

Author: Deacon Gary Forse

The Fountain of Dreams

"The Fountain of Dreams" is a short fairy tail in the land of Tailum, in which a young girl named Theradonna, a young Miga, goes on what seems like an endless journey to find what she really needs. Th...

Author: Georgia Wessels

galaxy wars






The true story

it is about a young girl and how her life was like

Author: Lexus Evans

The Emotion Cloud

This is a book written by a child for a child describing the different emotions felt when something is taken away from them and returned.

Author: Dannica Yates

Rattler Jack, Volume 1

Cowboy Poetry

Author: Jack McNutt

Book project

My Lovely Book


choose the right path

Always chose the right path and things will go the way you want it to be. Unlike these poor girls read to see what happens .

Author: jerra bauer

Douglas's Hunting Adventure

A pre-teen hunting adventure - describes a first time moose hunting trip with a young hunter and his dad set in Northern Alberta. The boy shoots a moose. The day after he and his dad set out togethe...

Author: Anita Simon


this is a nice simple drawing book scrap book or diary really what ever you want it to be.

Author: gu yugit ghutngu


It is about bullying

Author: Jamesha Miller

Dinosaurs and Aventures

This book is about dinosaurs!

Author: Wesley Berthelot

A magic world

My book is about a poor boy and his parents and then finding a magic world. Join the adventure now by reading this book.

Author: Micah Nicholson

lost girl

so my book is about a young girl and her father how they lose someone and then the girl had to go through this traumatic experience with her dad hitting her and losing her father as well and she was l...

Author: artavia bush

the adventure of addrian


Author: addrian

Humans Not finished yet

Author: Romarn Gordon

Brookhaven's Veterans

This book is a short collection of memoirs and stories that veterans at Brookhaven Nursing and Rehabilitation Center have recounted from their time in service. These small bits of history, presented t...

Author: Neha Yawalkar

Witches vs Wizards who will win?

This book is informative and helpful for life problems

Author: micah nicholson

75 Years of Memories

Family Memories of Jeanette

Author: Lynn Nolte

Poetry Volume 1

A collection of poems from the summer of 2019

Author: Jean Michel Pelland

Family cookbook

A collection of recipes for my family, all with meaning and all delicious!

Author: Eleanor

Tricios digital sketch book

Tricios digital sketches as an illustration and comic book. Jag rekommenderar att du beställer denna bok med färg i inlagan, för annars kommer bilderna se väldigt konstiga ut (beställ inte pocket med...

Author: Tricia Johansson

Hodge's Stories

To celebrate the life of Gordon "Hodge" Appleby, Brandon Lund has compiled Hodge's best written in 1955 at the age of 13.

Author: Gordon "Hodge" Appleby

Ansa’s 40th

Ansa's 40th Birthday Book

Author: Kelly

365 Day Excerpt

A 365 day excerpt about what went on in a day in the life of a young Filipino adult, growing up in LA in search of love.

Author: (Autumn) Crystal Thao

Book project

A collection of writing by John M. Otter, my friend and neighbor, co-founder of The Commons on the Alameda Co-housing and prominent member of the greater Santa Fe community.

Author: Ellen Kemper

Magoo's Holiday

Magoo's 2019 Holiday to Share

Author: Mia Henderson


A young girl gets lost in the forest whilst looking for her cat. She gets herself involved with wolves and bears but does she make it out alive?

Author: Harry Lippett

Little book of Rhyming short stories for children

A book of rhyming short stories. a simple little book, my first attempt at writing for children. My Granddaughter Annabelle has enjoyed some of the stories.

Author: Susan Price

A little bit of nonsense....

My book is a collection of poems, mostly light hearted and fun. I have also included some that relate to loneliness and death and grieving that I hope will be a comfort for those experiencing a diffic...

Author: Susan Price

Always in my heart

My book is a collection of poems and verses created to ease the journey of grief. Some poems are poet unknown, Many I have written myself.

Author: Susan Price

Heavenly Father's Great Plan of Happiness

Heavenly Father's Plan Is A Plan of Happiness

Author: Susanne Price

Deadly Detention..

This book is about a detention center witch is as the students say.. 'it's haunted....' Read to find out if it really is!

Author: Macie Crandle

THE BOYS project

A group of five men on a journey of friendship THE BOYS A Friendship in the MAKING

Author: MEGA

A Prince's Story

Edward is having a little problem with a new invention.

Author: Seth Fox

A Champion's Tale

Disaster is what makes one do great things.

Author: Seth Fox

A Toddler's Tale

Eddie pulls a prank for April Fool's but it goes wrong when he turns all of his friends into toddlers. The tyrant king, Yumi plans to kill them and they are left with few choices to survive with their...

Author: Seth Fox

The Temple of Time

Buck Nixon finds himself with a bit of a problem after being signed up for a C.I.A black project.

Author: Edward F. Brown

Dr. Coleman Jennings

Author: T.J.C.

The Prophecy of Light

2 boys head out for an adventure but one of them Isn't sensing something right.

Author: N.S


This book is about and the challenges people face throughout their lifetime but also the positive and outgoing things there are to each and every life.

Author: Kaitlin Rieg

The Teacher

Author: livia lindström

Photos of History

History Photos

Author: Zachary Jones

Timmy Tall


Author: C.A Parker

Hunt Camp Journal 2018

Hunting adventure at Juniper Club 2018. After deer was shot bear got it and carried it over 1/4 mile. We were lucky to retrieve it.

Author: Lee Porter

Jack's 30th Birthday Book

Jack's 30th Birthday Book

Author: Angela Perry and Peter Segal

stretch marks

Life experiences are unpredictable: they're thrilling, heartbreaking, embarrassing, touching, etc. It is during these times that there is also unwarranted growth. That's where stretch marks come in. I...

Author: Atlas Sterling

3am Club

A poetry book

Author: Jade Riley

who i've been

a collection of poems.

Author: amber nick


My sweet dog

Author: Cinzia Fiorentini

On A Journey To Oceania

Read between the lines, enjoy it and treasure my poems in English, and French. Reprinted version since 2016.

Author: Alari Raieste

Who Let The Gods Out

Solentro bookstore

Author: Michael Darko

spies secret

Annie is smart kind and intelligent and she got kidnapped by death? will she save will mira kiss death in order for death and annie to be safe again what is death real name hmmm who know find out

Author: Starfireeletric

The Pillowcase

This book is about a girl, Avery, who loves sleep. One day a mysterious package arrives at Avery's door. And let me tell you, her life will never be the same.


A White World

A White World is about a girl who thinks that the world will be white, forever. And you get to draw the pictures. With some help from the Earth, Abigail learns that the Earth is...

Author: Victoria Snaden

Collection of Stories

A collection of my stories written by me.

Author: Tiana B Bishop

Good day, Bad day

A book all about my life as a Young Carer

Author: Rebecca A


Glorious mysteries revealed about the Jewish Man from Bethlehem, Israel. If the weighty discoveries inside this book become established in your heart, your life and your family lineage will shift in a...

Author: Robert M. Capuano

Can You Keep The Lights On?

Can You Keep The Lights On? Very Simple. Don't touch the light switch. Do whatever you want to resist the temptation. Wrap it up. Build a glass box around it. Just do whatever you can. Don't turn it o...

Author: Finn Charters

the sleep over

the friends are crazy grace rachel hanna and so many more

Author: diamond lewis



Author: ok

the hunters wife

my book was inspired by a YouTuber whom because I was bored

Author: melis erol

Mr. Duke's Book of Quotes Vol. 2


Author: Vincent Campanaro

my bad day


Author: Kemora

Mr Wells and Other Ghosts

My brand new book brings together stories inspired by work, days out, trips away and other activities. I have added strange and unusual twists to places I have been to and things I have seen and done,...

Author: Stephen Rawlinson

the teenager foster life

my book is about a teenage girl ( me) that has a tough life growing up and how she overcomes it. She never thought that her life would turn out the way it did. She always thought her life was bad. unt...

Author: Ana De La Luz

friends forever

Author: jodie woods

Danny Blake Retirement

Retirement Book for Danny Blake

Author: Danielle Rushing

Dental Work By Grace Navaratnarajah

Before and After pictures of the cosmetic dental treatments carried out by Grace Navaratnarajah

Author: Grace Navaratnarajah

Buttocks : The Females Sexual Characteristics

It's a book about buttocks, the most pure female sexual characteristics, the symbol of feminity, fertility and beauty since humanity history began

Author: Davy Deltinger

My Research As A Geo-Scientist

My Research As A Geo-Scientist is a book written by author Lexi A Christensen about the research that she has done in the New York Tri-State area. As a 20 year old college student, Lexi's first book c...

Author: Lexi A. Christensen

Alone in the forest

This book is about three kids that get lost in the woods after playing football there are a few challenges they have to do like doing a job for a farmer and doing a few other things They start off wal...

Author: Liam Norman

Book project

Description of my ook


Life in the ghettos

My book i did for an History Assignment about the holocaust(i hope you can be transformed back to the time of unfairness. I link this to the solentro bookstore

Author: Taylor Herbert


"Please." Is a collection of poems that share my deepest emotion and feelings about certain things. Some poems cause controversy but some people can relate too. I have been working on these for a few ...

Author: Shaun Henriques

Carlos the courageous Cub

Child book for ages 8-10.

Author: Anna Meinke

Soulitude of Life

A book of poems I have written over the past 30 years.

Author: Linda Lee Cresci Schuster

Boundless Love

Real True love does not come with a time limit. Real love is unconditional and boundless. These are poems of real unconditional boundless love.

Author: Karen Natasha Williams

The Cases of Ms Cecilia Hardaker

A series of mysterious cases of a young, self-proclaimed paranormal sleuth, Cecilia Haradker, investigating the weird and the strange.

Author: Stephen Rawlinson

Good morning a smile is so contagious

Morning quotes to get your day started be encourage to smile instead of living life mad

Author: sarah m. anderson

TV and Movie Ratings

Author: TV Rating Symboling, Inc.

Basic Training

Letters sent home from Basic Training in The United States from a draftee during WWII.

Author: Zachary Hartzman

Sticky notes

"Sticky Notes" is a poetry book where you go into the life of the author Sebastian Viernes, and you see poetry through his eyes. You will read his progression all the way from his first poem to where ...

Author: Sebastian Viernes

Oma's cookbook 1

Alone in a silent house and all of a sudden, gurggglleee. What in tarnation was that noise you think to yourself? You start sweating and then again, gurggglleee. This time louder. What to do next, pic...

Author: Joseph Pilz

Aliens- three of the books

This book includes three of the stories in the 'Aliens' series. It is about aliens that live on the planet Cheese, know as Cheesians. The planet Cheese is located in the Stilton verse, along with many...

Author: Mr Stil Ton


We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. There is no happier thing than a young optimist. Before success comes into a man's life, he is sure to meet with much temporar...

Author: Sonia Fadia


A cute simple book of motivational, inspirational, peaceful poems and quotes.

Author: Rayvin B.

Inside My Mind

this is a poetry book filled with all the poems of my middle school years. all diffrent styles. enjoy

Author: Monica James

Saby and Soorj's 2020 Wedding

Sikh Wedding Planning Book

Author: Saahiba Kaur

Uncle Ben's cookbook

A lovely book full of recipes!

Author: Ben Ferguson

Book project

Marilou G Tablang-Jimenez's journey. All 60 years so far. In poems, stories and pictures.

Author: dan jimenez

The Life I Live While Waiting To Be Happy!!!

Trying to find Happiness

Author: Benita Smith

A Young View On Education

The book is a view of the education students in secondary school and college receive from a young persons point of view. It shows how stressful it can be and how one negative thing can lead to more ne...

Author: Chloe Watson

poems of Courage

This book is basic on poems the give courage, Hope, love, and care to people. I hope to help people or anyone who need the words in my poem to get up to their feet and start all over again. the people...

Author: By Dieu Merci

The Book of Madness

Funny and witty.

Author: Vaibhav Mukim

Autobiography book project

Author: Brandon Edmund



Author: Barbara Wroblewski



Author: Mischa

Eclectic Expressions of Love: A Collection of Poems

This book was written out of a true period of inspiration and divine intervention. Were it not for this coincidental reunion of mind, body, and spirit, I am not sure that this project would have come ...

Author: Thadius A. Batiste


Record of the cycle ride form Lands End to John O'Groats

Author: Steve Cook

Mr Whistlepopper's Magical Toy Shop

Mr Whistlepopper and his wife Edna own a small toy shop on Peanut Lane. They have owned it for a very long time but unfortunately a bigger toy store has opened nearby and nobody visits their shop anym...

Author: Terry Haynes

winter shadow

winter shadow

Author: adam

Dum Dums Guide to Fortnite

This is the perfect book, for you or someone else that likes playing Fortnite, but isn't good at it. The book tells simple tips, and how to play, and includes some activities in it as well.

Author: Leonardo Lopez

The Book of Ellie-isms Volume 2

This is a Memory Book of my Granddaughter's sayings and photo's over the last 2 years

Author: Grandma Linda K Zebrowski

Orchid and Rufus

In the Kingdom of Summer, there was a beautiful field, and through that field ran a river. The only way across that river was over an old stone bridge -- which happened to be inhabited by a very grump...

Author: Emilee Foster

Book project

it about the KKK how and what they did to people

Author: Demarielle Trevon lee

the thing


Author: Holly

{Grandparents} A Legacy of Love

Grandparent's Legacy Journal.

Author: Nicole Hurt

the peaple among us

read to your children fun to read plus free!

Author: the noob

poetry chelsea


Author: chelsea

indigo wiki

Author: ravivarman

Reflections of Marietta &My life.

.y book is only revealing to me. I hope the reader can feel the love of my memories. I hope it helps you fee! the same for your memories.

Author: Curtis Hancock

Peacefully Asleep

This is a collection of poems I have written with quotes from stories I also wrote mixed in.

Author: Stella Swope

Laura Green's Class of 2018

Year book of the Laura Green Yoga teacher training course 2018

Author: Mrs Penny Stewart

Love aint nothin'

It is about a family that finds out that their dad is in prison and that they have a fake brother that was born from their mother and he isn't normal because he's not just human. He's part red part bl...

Author: Justin Wallace

Bless This List

This journal is for people who like lists and planning, but also want to stray from lists in order to be a spontaneous participant in life. Included is a novena to St. Martha.

Author: J. Wind

Book project

Just a fun Table Top book I did in one sitting to really just let my brain run wild.

Author: Champloo Sloppy

Locked in, Locked out.

My dream has always been to write a book about my life. This book brings together all of my most treasured memories and experiences over the past 47 years. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enj...

Author: Mr Stephen Cullis

Challengers, Heartache & Random Moments

This book is a poetry book, a lot of the poems are based on life experience's. Some of the poems I have written are fiction, others are to make people aware of such things like Miscarriage, bullying, ...

Author: Charmaine Bentley

Stories Collected on My Travellings

Inspired by some of the places I have been to, these tales follow on from my previous works. My fascination with history and ghost stories, have come together with my love of travel and photography, f...

Author: Stephen Rawlinson

The Four Little Race Cars

a new version of the three little pigs

Author: Isaac Kurian

Solution From Spiritual Spouse

is a book that will help those who suffering from night mire and bad dream to be deliever


The new born

Author: justin demario wallace

Your New Journey

An informal guide to help new teachers begin their career. Helpful tips and hints to get them started with ease.

Author: Robin L Miller

God Gave Me You

A poetry book written for a significant other. Filled with original poems and drawings. Enjoy!

Author: Paige

Golden is the Legend Preview

Its a preveiw of a book I want to start.

Author: Tori Stark

Pastoral Family Counseling

This is a Training Manual to assist Pastors and Chaplains in the Spiritual Guidance in Counseling Parents in Co-Parenting in taking care of their Children and in raising them.

Author: Dr. John Johnston, Ph.D., LPC

Book to buy

it is nice and fun too

Author: nicolas d.

Treading Water..An Ocean of Tears ...Volume III

Treading Water.... An Ocean of Tears... Volume II is my personal poetry which I have written. Each poem tells a story from my emotional heart. My poems are either about another or about myself....

Author: Shannon McGrorty Hunter Kinstler

The adventures of the world

This book is all about a girl named Amilla she lives in Africa with her 3 siblings, Mallie, Kallen, and Meko! Amilla really wants to travel watch how she makes this possible for her faimly!

Author: Hailie Drouin

Treading Water .... An Ocean of Tears....II

Treading Water.... An Ocean of Tears....Continues, is Volume II of my personal poetry. Here you will find my voice as told through the art of poetry.

Author: Shannon McGrorty Kinstler

Diary of a parent Tester

This is a fiction book about a struggling mother this is not fully finished get the full book to read the whole thing but this is a tester

Author: Maggie Newton

Emergency, call 999!

Hannah's Story about her experience as a Young Carer

Author: Hannah Robinson

Inspired by the Word of God

A book of poems inspired by the Word of God and His creation!

Author: Agnes Bray Williams

Everything You Are

Welcome to the darkest thoughts I've ever had. The demons I have faced, and a hero's quest to over come addiction and mental illness. This book was originally written as a suicide letter. Although I h...

Author: Allee Ashton

A Brighter Future

Life is never what you think it will be. What happens with a group of friends decide to move into an unknown future... there is sure to be love, danger and rivalry.

Author: Annastasia Christine Christblood

Poems by a miner

This is a short book of poems written by Jack Taylor. Found after his death. They are about his personal experiences as a coal miner. Detailing the hardship of being a coal miner and the heart-breakin...

Author: Jack Taylor, Lia Hough

I'm just saying....

Thoughts for my son going away to school

Author: Dad



Author: Vithuchan Amirthalingam

Tales From the Museum

A follow-up book to my Scouting tales, this is a collection of strange tales inspired by my former place of work, the museums in Greenwich; the National Maritime Museum, Royal Observatory and Queen's ...

Author: Stephen Rawlinson

Every Girl Needs Her Mother

This book not only entails a journey of love, but a horrific realization of what true evil looks like. Lily has undergone the terrible loss of her mother through one of the world's most major and trag...

Author: Kiana Perez

Treading Water....An Ocean of Tears

A book full of emotions

Author: Shannon McGrorty Hunter Kinstler

Heart of Gold

Taj Afzal is a Sufi author living in Pakistan. He is well known in his community for speaking openly about truths gained through his process of self realization. The words in this book serve as insp...

Author: Taj Afzal


Hannah- 13th birthday

Author: Vicki T Paxton

The Amigos Movie

My book is essentially a screenplay for a children's/family movie called The Amigos. The story is about a group of unlikely friends who join together in an unforgettable adventure and make new friends...

Author: Jordan Burke

Women of Swarthmoor Hall

It's 17th century - in the north of England political turmoil is expressed through religious fervour. One woman and her six daughters join the ferment to make it happen.

Author: Jo Somerset

Digging Deep: Stories Behind Facades

For my first book, I have chosen five historical travel destinations around the world that have always stoked my curiosity. While we may have a lot of surface knowledge about these sites and monuments...

Author: Diana George

BG's Retirement Book

Check out the book

Author: Sri

How to be an Annoying Friend

This book was inspired by a friend, who suggested that I should write and publish a book on how to be an annoying friend. So here it is!

Author: Dezzy

Paul Preston Life Story

The story of Paul Preston's life.

Author: Paul Harris

Ghost Stories From Around the Campfire

A set of 6 stories written from my time in the Scouts, stories which could have been told around a nice, warm campfire, with the only light coming from the trickling flame.

Author: Stephen Rawlinson


Sofia Meadow's life has never been easy. Alec Lightwood and Sofia have feelings for one another but are too blind to see it even with Jace Wayland and Isabelle Lightwood pushing them together. Balenci...

Author: Kelsey Lodder

King Celeste and the Three Beautiful Princesses

A children's book written in dedication to my granddaughter, Kenzley Rae

Author: Rose Thompson

Book project

Family Entries for Addie

Author: Debbie Ward


Clarksdale Mississippi Photographs 2017-2011

Author: Rick Hublein

Madi Mays Banana

Follow Madi May on her imaginative adventures with her toy banana and her sister Ira Jean. This book is inspired by my almost 3 year old daughter who brings a toy banana everywhere she goes. People ...

Author: Amanda Hermes

The Christian Witch

This is a story based on decision making. Anesarda Laveau was born a witch, yet raised a christian. I am a christian, never baptized though, so I do realize that witchcraft and Christianity is a big N...

Author: Destiny Pilon

Collection of Poems

Collection of poems - my thoughts after the loss of my husband who was my sole mate and I was blessed to have nearly 60 years of shared joy.. It helped me to be positive when things were tough.

Author: Ada Mary Isabelle Benn

The great lakes

Beutifull and relaxation

Author: Louis

My diary

Make your own book on

Author: Praise bull

Carrie Underwood

I would describe it happy

Author: Ellie Meredith

Lady Antebellum

It's very fun

Author: Ellie Meredith

The Mind

its all about a boy who got a weird imagination and want to share it with you how people are being brainwash and controlled. The franc masonic is controlling you people

Author: Shahill Jhibgoor

Unfinished stories

My book is a collection of all my unfinished pieces of work that i need help working on and i am also looking for multiple opinions

Author: Anthony Pantalone

Words Spoken

Poetry from the heart deep and intense

Author: Jaye Rich

Different Together: Our Story

This book is dedicated to the love of my life. Our story of how we met in our early 30s and built a love that some consider rare. True love. We both had relationship difficulties until we met. We mar...

Author: Kenny B

My Life in Rhyme

A book of Poetry based off of my life, I start with the thoughts and emotions of my little self all the way to the thoughts and emotions of looking toward my future as a teenager. What makes my life s...

Author: Madelyn E. Clifner

Movie props magical tales part 2

If you liked the Harry Potter series. Then you are going to love these new magical adventures from P J Ljung. 2nd in the series of three.

Author: Peter James Ljung


To dream, to hope for a better future, to see this future come true is one of this books more important subjects. No matter your situation, God can help and change you and your circumstances, if you l...

Author: Irina Dercaci

Lost and Found

This is a story about a small child who fears getting lost and a mother who is reassuring. This is a type of our relationship with our heavenly Father. He promises to search for and find us (his sheep...

Author: Dr. Mary Bucci

Outrageously Bold

Pondering grief and loss while enjoying life and all of its intricacies

Author: Mardi Quon

Our Family History Volume I: The Italians

A collection of genealogical facts, stories, memories and photos of the Antonecchia and Lanzallotto/Angelo families, my Italian side.

Author: Maigen M. Beaulieu

A Wonderful World of Words

This is one of my most treasured works! In this book, there is a compilation of poems that will make you laugh, smile and let out all your other emotions! It is indeed a 'Wonderful World Of Words'!

Author: Kavya Nair

Adventure of a Lifetime

Christian adventure story.

Author: Elyssa Faith Dunn

Poemas de mi Imaginacion

Volume 1 - Poem Complication

Author: Kate Dawson/Danny Lucio

Patryk CEO Book

It is so epic this book is Patryk CEO Book version but you can also get the film version Patryk CEO Film at:

Author: Patryk Myslinski

Malignant Sadness

A collection of poems from the depths of adolescent despair.

Author: Lucy

Soaping 101with Sweet Scentsations

This tutorial includes basic soap making lessons and recipes for those wanting to learn how to make soap.

Author: Danille Washington

Barbara Dominguez's Retirement Book

Barbara Dominguez is retiring after many years of dedicated service to the Division of Medical Genetics within the Department of Pediatrics at the McGovern Medical School of UT Health. In her role as...

Author: Sarah Noblin

Mermaid: The Legendary Goddess

Aiir and Wana are two explorers who have gone looking for the three-form mermaid goddess Sera. Her other two forms are Temno and Mavrica, both much more vicious than good Sera. But, as it turns out, t...

Author: anonymous

Inspiration for Jake

This book was created to inspire my husband.

Author: Shannon T-Barn

Stevens/Nikkel Family

This book is the genealogy of the Stevens/Nikkel family to 2017. Along with the generations and names, small excerpts of stories are included. There is no end of the research that could be done, how...

Author: Brian Stevens


This book is about a girl. She hates her family because they are mean to everyone. But then she finds out there are worse sides of the family.

Author: _

my life in Poetry

a creative journey from Poetry to Watercolour Art , tutor and wearable Felted art

Author: Lynda Kenning

death comes to London


Author: James M Brown

My love is for Bettina.

A book of poetry written by Jeremiah Cronin.

Author: Alison Cole

Matt McCann

Stories and Poems by Matt McCann Matt lived in Aitkenhead Avenue, Coatbridge, Scotland. A father to all children with seven of his own! A natural educator and a man of insight, Matt started to write...

Author: Colin Barnett



Serious Stuff


Author: The Zarbaum Sis

Why Me?

A book created by a fabulous Stockport Young Carer

Author: Hannah Thompson

Thoughts From An Atypical Mind

Hello everyone I've decided to try and create a permanent record of my writings into a book. Please let me know what you think.

Author: Iris Reyes

Thoughts of Justan Acre

A simple book of Poetry and Prose. I share with the reader special moments with my Master, the Majestic Bear. I found him when I was at the darkest point of my life. His wisdom frees me from the cha...

Author: Justan Acre

Me In Malawi

This is a book, in French. It is about a girl named Arinafe Makwi. She lives in a developing country.

Author: Piper & Emma

The Ice Cap Killer

James and his research team meet a threat to all life on earth. Will they survive or will mankind meet a horrible end?

Author: James M Brown

One Girl's Life, Another Girl's Story

My book is about my life story and everything that has happened to me growing up. I've dealt with some of the outrageous and displeasing things as a person but my book is to help people be more aware ...

Author: Mallory Blanchette

The Car Accident

A short story, aimed at toddlers and young children, to emphasise the importance of road safety.

Author: Faye Richardson

Man Of God

This is a story of a man that calls on God. This man is no more then a soul that acknowledges that he is not in control and that God is. I am that man and im thankful for so many things thus my poems....

Author: Joshua Telano

Dark Thoughts and Black Clouds

random pieces pulled from my wordpress blog

Author: Tony L. Harrington

My Longest Day

My book is my reflections of ' My Longest Day' during the Falkland Conflict

Author: Les Percy

Star Wars



This book contains information that is intended to help readers to use alternatives that are toxin free for Health & Beauty and also Chemical-Free Cleaning Products. Simple Non Toxic alternatives tha...


Book project

This is the a sweet Holiday story for the entire family. A story of the endurance of love beyond time and space. This story was written for the City of Paterson in 208 for the Holiday Parade. It was a...

Author: C A Conforti

My Bedtime Story - Silly Sweet Serenidee

A personalized custom bedtime story book full of rhyme, memories, and love.

Author: Charlene Summers

Bye Bye Brad and Vlach

Brad and Vlach

Author: Paul Pellow


This is a book that represents a continuing journey through the death of ego, the death of expectations, and the beautiful, tender life that is born out of death. Blessings on anyone who feels abandon...

Author: Cromwell Wirewod Press

Gloria's Story

Tribute to mom

Author: Rick

European Explorer Journals

A series of diaries written by students pretending to be on the ships captained by European Explorers.

Author: Homeroom 303

I sat beside the sea

A transformational conversation

Author: Vicki T Paxton

God is powerful

My book is all about GOD and Christianity

Author: Precious Asante




dear Deedee

This is a book created in memory of a wonderful friend and neighbour, Deidre Clark.

Author: K Preston

In a place where angels and devils play together.

"In a place where angels and devils play together" is a collection of my poems and lyrics written for so many different reasons. I would dearly love to collaborate with any musicians out there to cr...

Author: Adam Cartwright

All about Teresa

I love my boyfriend

Author: Teresa Hulbert

Spoken Word For The Soul

This book is an artistic expression of my praise and worship to the One true living God; Jesus! I hope you enjoy it.

Author: Colina Wymarra

lola & edwin the owl

Edwin the owl is about the adventures of a special little girl and her magic owl.

Author: Jenny Hutchinson

Bella Bee Meets St. Theresa's Clever Creatures

St. Theresa's Primary School use clever creatures throughout school to help pupils learn. The schools Busy Readers Book Club wanted to use the clever creatures in their book which is about Bella Bee;...

Author: St. Theresa's Busy Readers Book Club



Author: bj Hampton Cooper

Wonder Poems

Poems of Wonder and Hope , Grace as revealed in nature, children, scripture, and circumstance is especially precious during seasons of loneliness, grief, or despair. These poems and photographs repr...

Author: Vicki T Paxton@vtp copyright May 2017


Larina, only five years old, knows that she will one day go out into the world and look for her long-lost parents. They went out to sea one day and never came back. Larina, left behind, is taken into ...

Author: Author of "Zarmia"

I'm not a baby I'm a big girl

A short story about a little girl who always wanted to be treated like a big girl, not a baby like her twin sister. Born first Ellie is the big girl and helps look after her little sister who is learn...

Author: Jenny Hutchinson

Harry HotDog

A story of a little boy who dreamed of being a footballer, his father runs a hot dog stand at the local football club. Its at the stadium where Harrys dreams began, he practices and trials and just ma...

Author: Jenny Hutchinson

Granny Poetry Book

This is a book of Poems my grandmother has written over the years. I am creating it as a gift for her 88th birthday.

Author: Liane Menenedez

Its a children book made by children in hungarian language and also a very good creative idea for 8-10 years old kids to improve their imaginary. Take a look! Thank you!

Author: 4.A

Not All Those Who Wander are Lost

Traveling book from our visits to New York, Mexico, Gran Canaria, Portugal and Lanzarote.

Author: James Gifford

John Doe! The Hands That Could Heal The World

This book is a continuaton of the book: " The ultimate instrument of justice " " PROLOGUE " Perfect in every way! John Doe! The man that was. No one knew where he came from, no one knew his real name...

Author: P J LJUNG

No rain No flowers

This book is a collection of poetry that i have written and produced. It has sentimental lines, hard-to-read stanzas, and of course love letters. I hope you enjoy this book.

Author: Davey soltis

Bill Bailey Tribute

This book is a tribute to William R. Bailey. It contains all of the email tributes that people sent upon hearing that Bill had completed his life. It also contains the pictures of his life and family ...

Author: Lynn Brailsford

Poetry and I

This is my book poetry, written with lots of love and more.

Author: Sinovuyo Zamxaka

Mother's Day 2017

A gift for my mother.

Author: Abbi Sexton

My Arbogast Family Roots - Headstones

Welcome! I hope you find this book interesting and useful! My family is descendant from Michael Arbogast who came to America aboard the ship Speedwell and settled in what is now West Virginia. Ce...

Author: Johan Arbogast Keller

Poems by Mom

Book of poems written by Marsha McMillan from New Brunswick, Canada

Author: Marsha McMillan

Tales of Ink and Feather

This is my first collection of Poetry, it can get quite dark at times.

Author: Jake Farrell

Poems From My Heart

A book of my own poems.

Author: Patricia Heard


This book is a compilation of poems written over about 15 years. They talk of love of nature, people and God. It is an x-ray of my soul.


Natalie's Prayer

Nat's Prayer


Bridge of Love

An artist book humbly made and shared for two purposes: first, to shed light on the circumstances and characters of people who immigrate to the United States; secondly, to present the particular love ...

Author: Christine Palamidessi

Marie Scheuerman Howard

Photo book celebrating Marie Scheuerman Howard's 100th birthday

Author: Sandy Persha & Mike Scheuerman

Memoirs of a Farm Boy

Memoirs of Raymond Luke written by himself for his friends and family in the last year of his life.

Author: Erica Luke

Duncan's Poetry

Poetry based on events and experiences gained over the last 20 years, since I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.

Author: Duncan Parks

When Faith Is All You Have

When Faith is All You Have is the story of a young girl who had her whole life ahead of her. the twists of life had her get pregnant at a very tender age to a man she did not love and she had to make ...

Author: Wanja J. Ng'ang'a

Panacea Adviser - celebrating 10 years

Launched in February 2007, Panacea Adviser is a unique and free resource that supports financial advisers, mortgage brokers and paraplanners by providing free online access to the very latest news, vi...

Author: Sarah Paul


Jabar is a witness to a terrible crime. The two killers meet a surprising end.

Author: Alicia Villarreal

Po's Child book


Author: pochu

The Prince and Their Peach

An array of poetry, from goofy to sad, about a lovely individual

Author: E.A.

David's Castle

A childrens book about the lessons of earning, spending and saving your money wisely!

Author: Dean Chapman

Bag om et misbrug

min bog er historier om livet., den fortæller om livet som misbruger, ensom , svigt ,. og at kæmpe for sin ret til livet , når man som adoptivbarn altid har skulle klare tingene alene , om svigte...

Author: Sebastian koch jensen

Set Designs By Patty Zeitz

This book is the SET DESIGNS I created for THE SOUND OF MUSIC, GUYS AND DOLLS, AND FOOTLOOSE. Upon creating this book I have been set designing for 16 years for middle school and high school producti...


Growing Up Too Soon

A collection of stories and poems from the mind and memories of Jonathan Rome, a teenager who wields the various mediums of art in order to make his way through life, despite its obvious challenges; h...

Author: Jonathan Rome

if it rains forever,

This is a poetry book centered mostly on heartbreak, but also touches on life, depression, and love.

Author: coral lerew

Tales from Krummyland

I have been telling stories about Krummy and Bideen since I was five years old. These new tales were written for my Grandchildren, and now you can share them too!

Author: John Riley

I will always be your bear

Just a book for Aubrey

Author: John McClure




Charlie Lapointe

i hope you like it

Author: Kyle Conley



Author: nf1

I met a girl.

A true love story.

Author: Brian Niven

The collected poetry of Mary Anderson

A collection of poems written by my grandmother at the age of 90 in the year before she passed away. Not only was she a wonderful writer, she was a wonderful artist and a feminist before her time. She...

Author: Mary Anderson

The adventures of sheep dog

the adventures of sheep dog, a book about a sheep that thinks its a dog

Author: Rachael Peddie

'Into The Bleak'

'Into The Bleak': The True Story of a Loving Mother and Teacher, who Lost. by Helen Frances

Author: Helen Frances

Pitu & P2

I have written and illustrated a children's book about a flatulent angel who is turned into a kitten and sent to earth to teach him to control his wind. It is intended for parents to read aloud to th...

Author: Jessica Agulló

Book project

Memoir written by Ole Bohn.

Author: Christine Bohn

Robert "Lee" Parrett Memories of Korea

This book recounts my dad's experience in the army from the time he was drafted in 1951 until he returned home from the Korean War in July 1953, as told to me one September afternoon in 2016.

Author: Julie Klebe


A collection of notes typed in my IPhone . Not really poetry just thoughts . Some very deep and dramatic, some short and simple. Its been a struggle for me to figure out how to handle my emotions writ...

Author: Johne Tribble

Camino de Santiago

A blog book telling the story of my adventures on the Camino Frances over 33 days in May 2016. I walked a total of 791 km in 5 weeks and met people from all over the world. The book contains photos th...

Author: Bill Egan

Kyle/Heather's Wedding

A behind the scenes look at Kyle Clarke and Heather Bodin's wedding.....Mr & Mrs Clarke!

Author: desallen

What does Cooper Smell

What does Cooper smell, is a childrens book for level 1 readers. This book will bring you with Cooper, an Australian Shepard puppy as he explores the different scents around his yard for the first tim...

Author: Casie Braatz

Eddy Ramos

This is a book created to thank Eddy for touching all of our lives.

Author: Eddy's Friends

If Big Ern Could Talk

Do you ever wonder what your animals would say if they could talk? What their personalities would be like? Well this is me and my Granddaughter Payton's interpretation if Big Ern could talk..

Author: Lindy L. Harley

Twisted Thoughts & Other Works

A warm, heartfelt collection of short stories and poems for a fast paced world.

Author: Katrina Joy

A Perfect Hunt

A Perfect Hunt made even better with the people I love.

Author: Ashlyn Sinclair

The Letters and Writings of Irving Fass

This volume contains the many decades of letters and other writings of Irving Fass. Family man, observer of life, storyteller and erstwhile occasional explorer of outer space, Irving wrote mainly to a...

Author: Marilyn Neuburger

The Midnight Kitten

When a kitten is found in the dark the unbelievable happens.... Born in Cornwall Claire has a surfing accident and ends up in a weelchair.

Author: Eliana Bhular Jessica Flohr


look how pretty life is

Author: Ntsumi Mabasa

Introspective Transformations

Dedicated to the author.. Ashely M. White

Author: Ashely Marie White

Poems for the Intoxicated

This poetry styled book is based on all the trauma maybe most has been through in their struggle of life as they find their place in the world. It's became a fact that most people write when their i...

Author: Antonio H

Book project

A book I've made for my 1st grandchild.

Author: Sharon Steer

A Crimson Silence

The story begins like this: two brothers and a war over a crown. The year was 1772. There were two sons of the King of Great Britain, one legit and the other a bastard whom the King favored. The basta...

Author: Chelsi Jacobson

I love you more...more...more

It's a bedtime book I wrote for my two young granddaughters that are moving to another state in hopes of keeping them close when they are so far away.

Author: Colleen Jordan


a book for my soulmate :D

Author: yoldes

Book of Conditionals

Book of Conditionals If you give your dog a bath

Author: Alexandra Wall

"70 Memories with Lynn Mom GrandMama"

70 Special Memories with Lynn, Mom, GrandMama......shared by Her Family!

Author: Emily Bodden

Luring Love

Atrial book online , it is fantasti , works very nicely

Author: K C Sethi

Blind: A True Story of Crazy

Have you ever had one of your friends set you up on a blind date? Afterwards did you find yourself asking, “Why in the world would they think this was a good match?” If your answer is yes, then I feel...

Author: Brian Anderson

An unspoken dream.

A screwed love story!

Author: Abhinav Verma

The Eerie and Unearthly

"The Eerie and Unearthly" is a short collection of 10 poems written for the Halloween season by Rebekah Greenhalgh. This publication also features complementary photography and artwork by the author.

Author: Rebekah Greenhalgh

Dragon Breathing Fire

Happy Birthday :) Hope you had a good one and like this

Author: Ria sinha

My Life's Journey

A Collection of My Life's Journeys

Author: William Marvin Sealey

John is 60 !

Here are photos from John's 60th!! It was a great night of celebration! Enjoy looking through the pages of this album put together for John and Amy as my gift. Happy 60th to John !! And to Amy havin...

Author: Paula E Davis

Its awesome

Author: The Heartbroken Man

Dwight Taylor June 2015 to June 2016

A book about Dwight Taylor by Angie Garberina

Author: Angie Garberina

Kelvin and Justin mysterys

this is book 1 of the mystery

Author: kelvin hammond

Cindy and Lina

Boken handlar om Cindy och Lina som är bästa vänner.

Author: Vida Bojestig

Miller Tales

Classic tales involving a dearest friend

Author: Joseph Witherstone

Golden Hills Riding School

I have not at all finished this book. Far from. I have just started with it. But if you wish to read what there is, I will be happy to let you do that. Especially for the society members that my blog ...

Author: Eva Bunnyland


Life Of A Champion is about how my life was changed by the Love and Grace God has placed within. I have had a rough life and a dark one to boot so I allowed Christ Jesus to open me through writing. He...

Author: Joshua Telano

Spotted Ghost

This book is about ghost that have been to places around were i live and i have read up a few facts about them and i put them all together to make a book.. about ghost's facts.

Author: Gary Rowland

Poetry wrote personal

this book is based on all the hurt i have had in my life . It's also based on the way i came out of that dark place back then and learnt to become me again. My close friends and family have help me al...

Author: Samantha Shakespeare

Book project

Our first grade summer school class from innovation greenhouse created a final product we'd thought you'd enjoy!!! It's all about Leo Lionni Love, Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Christensen's 2016 Summer Scho...

Author: Mrs. Johnson & Mrs. Christensen's First Grade

I am the book

This book is totaly different to any novel you have ever read. 95% of the book is based on fact in the life of the author. I think you are in for a surprise of a life time with this book.. Best Seller...



This book is totaly different to any novel you have ever read. 95% of the book is based on fact in the life of the author. I think you are in for a surprise of a life time with this book.. Best Seller...

Author: P J LJUNG



Author: 4

wheres harry

Harry's book was written with Harry about the places he likes to hide. He drew his own pictures and coloured them in.

Author: Cher Graiden

Memories of David

Memories of David Rogers - written by staff and students of David Rogers. Edited by Justin Noble and Lynn McCraw

Author: Justin Noble

The Family Tree

About someone having memories of his favorite tree.

Author: Excel Egwutuoha

first flight

Five teenagers get taken to a jungle of worlds a jungle of dimensions and they join a tribe and learn new things

Author: mecedes kallo

Greatest Baseball players by Position.

A book about the greatest Infielders, Pitcher, Catcher, and Outfielders.*

Author: Peyton Davis

The Magic Mist

Hi! This is my second book published on this account, and I'm not finished with it yet, as you probably can see... :) But it's very magic and very mythful, and in English, unlike the last book, only c...

Author: Ester Gautamadasa Hammar

Smile Little Boy

This is an great story about a little boy who needs the love, hugs, and Kisses from his mother to keep a smile on his face!!

Author: Aaron Spivey-Sorrells

The Adventure

solentro bookstore: jhoghiugçgiug

Author: Bilal

Baking With The Girls

Baking With The Girls is a bake book that Gabriela Alexan and Emily Jean are created. This book contains recipes made from scratch. The reason we made this book is because we both have a huge passion ...

Author: Emily Jean and Gabriela Alexan

The Kidnapped Bride

a young girl is taken to marry a man, but will she fall in love him voluntarily or not

Author: Tehilla Marcelle

Thoughts From Grandma Faye

On February 21st, 2010, I gave a leather bound journal to my Grandma Faye as a birthday present for her 75th birthday. I had one special request when I gave it to her, that she would fill it with mem...

Author: Stacey M. Clark

Nature's Equalibrium

Isn't finished yet, here's just a sneak peak. Let me know what you think.

Author: Athena Louise

The Royal Guardian

A romance between a soldier and a princess that changed the world.

Author: Moses Maravou

Holy Trinity, Prestwood Record of Sponsored Seats

As part of our re-ordering project we invited the church family to sponsor seats. Some people wished to do this anonymously. Others gave dedications, which we have recorded in this book.

Author: Deiniol Heywood

Display Case

Just a collection of poems both new and old that I've written. Hopefully this will give people a deeper look into who I am, and the daily thoughts my heart processes on a day to day basis.

Author: Brandon M. Williams

Happy fathers day!

This is for your dad.

Author: Ryan Wu

The Betrayal

This is the story of John Mitchell, a US Civil War solider, written from his acutal letters sent to his family during the war.

Author: Mary Whitlock

My First Writings

This is a book of my first writings that is some simple poems which are a combination of experiences and imaginations.

Author: Prathipa Nair

Book project

My mother's book of quotes.

Author: Tina Davis

Demonic Lust

This book's about a girl (You or your OC - Own Creation) who's on an school trip where she stays there two nights with her class and she hears something from outside and decides to check up on it and ...

Author: AnimeLover229


This book was written for Mrs. Crooks Sophomore English class. It is based on Randy Pausch's " The Last Lecture." This is a collection of stories and thoughts from my life.

Author: Nicholas A. Sintora

Alisha Hendrick Poems: The Complete collection

This Book is a compilation of poems written by myself over the years. They vary between poetry written purely from creativity and poetry written from everyday life or life experiences. I hope that you...

Author: Alisha Hendrick

Nasim's Life


Author: Nasim Zilanee and Nizam Zilanee

Bottlenose Dolphins

Hello! My Name is Meredith Wallace, and this is my little book about everything I learned about bottlenose dolphins. I hope you use it to learn something new, and I hope you enjoy my findings!

Author: Meredith Wallace

My New Healthy Hair Journey

My book is a brief description on how to maintain healthy hair before and after a "big chop".

Author: Jamie Wilkinson


Lemonade is the fun book for all ages, and great poems that I wrote lie inside. I hope you enjoy and love these poems the way I do! You can even write your own poems in the back.

Author: Ginny Falls

Book project


Author: Hunter Mitchell




Little Bean's Family

Chelsey & Sean Wedding - 2016

Author: Tyler Parker

Dozivite cari Zlatibora-turisticki vodic

Zlatibor je planinski region koji se nalazi u zapadnom delu Srbije.Predstavlja vaznu turisticku oblast Srbije sa sredstvima zdravstvrnog turizma,skijanja i planinarenja.

Author: Jovana Janosevic

the cat gods #1 tiger leave's


Author: brittneythompson

This book is a compilation of poetry that is both hard-hitting and controversial full of emotion and insight to the authors true inner thoughts and feelings. It relates to Loss, suicide, mental he...

Author: Ceri Louise Baylis


graduate building,

Author: keith pearce

Spoken Heart

Author: Tonya Barfield

The Badge of the Robin

A Christian childrens book

Author: Rena Prado-Garcia

Tiffany Emond's Poetry

My book is a variety of Poems about everything that I like, and have been through. it is full of poems that I wrote about things I have been to and just thought of or seen.

Author: Tiffany Emond

Diary of Doris Medhurst

My Mothers trip in 1928. From her own note book.

Author: Valerie King


Just a simple life book.

Author: Barry King


A book for my wonderful granddaughter Sophie and an opportunity to know a little of her Uncle Bobby


Lorraine's Retirement

Retirement book for Lorraine Hollingworth

Author: Gina Orchard

The British Accident of 1834

This man's riches are stolen by the Queen, herself, she is ruthless.


The Coyote and the Wolf

Author: Kayla Larson

Dream Land Story's part 2

This book is the sequel book to the last one i did. it's more fun and adventurous events that i hope you all love. these stories include my versions of Dragon Ball Z Kai, Teen Wolf, Maximum Ride, and ...

Author: Sarah Fisk

Pigeons on the Roof

This is a collection of my poems.

Author: Janet Bogusat




Mission Unexpected

What would you do if you came home to nothing? If everything you knew and loved was gone. Your parents, your dog, the furniture? Would you call the police? The FBI? Or would you make it your mission t...

Author: Alyssa Wacker

The Book of Heaven

Scarlett was a well-known reporter in her home town. She was sent to a mass shooting site in a local high school, where she thought she would be safe. This was a bad time to be wrong. Scarlett gets c...

Author: Alexa Martinez and Hannah Wahab

Underneath A Blackened Sky

A man by the name of Vlad Kashmir had just lost his wife to a murder and is determined to find the killer. It is a long, emotional journey with his only child, Feliks. Ever since his wife's death, Vla...

Author: Gavin Crawford & Dalton Krueger


Our book is a romance. That follows seventeen year old Lily Eden, hates her new life. Her whole world came crashing down when she got the call. Her life literally couldn’t get any better in her eyes, ...

Author: Julie Hedegaard & Dylan Harvey


Author: Conner and Josh


William(me), well I go on this really cool adventure with some awesome people. We do all sorts of insane things, like go through this really big forest, and fight a bunch of monsters. After a while my...

Author: Izzy Wilson, Hailey Hanson

The Origin Story

Long ago in the realm of myths, there was a great war between the Elves and Dwarves over the right to rule the land. As the war raged their numbers drastically dropped until peace was made for the sa...

Author: Liam Campin & Brock Mcdonough

Black Out

This is the inspirational story of Aaron Wagner, a teenage boy who, through a series of tragic events, still manages to compete in track.

Author: Jacob Privia & Jarett Joldersma & Cody Verhage

The Eight Doors of Survival

Bob Duncan is riding on his motorcycle going down the highway on a trip to Colorado. While on the road he glances off the road for a split second to look at the scenery but when he looks back he sees ...

Author: Holly Adkins and Austin Colter

The Princess Brother

It is the early 1300’s. Prince Mathew Casleon has been kidnapped by the warring faction: Sheogorath. His sister, Inaara sets off to find him despite her father’s efforts to keep her contained. She goe...

Author: Reid Dettbarn

The Mysterious Island

Fearing a nuclear war, Joe takes his daughter and his old friend to get away from America. On the plane ride to australia, the last thing they expect happens, the plane crashes. After they crash they...

Author: Brandon Magnuson and Adam Mander

The Silent Truth

This book is about a not so popular girl who becomes friends with a popular girl, but that's only because of the popular girl's secret. The two girls work together and try to make the secret known, bu...

Author: Cecilia Myers and Madison Slobodnik

Starting Again

Aaron is living what seems like a perfectly normal life until his mom passes away from drug and alcohol usage. He moves in with his Grandma and starts at a new school. Soon after Aaron began hanging o...

Author: Hannah Burress & Kohl Danielsen

The Wastelands of America

It is a normal day for the King and Taylor families in the year of 2025. It is mid-day, the sun is shining bright, and everything seems to be going fine like any other day. Then, something tragic happ...

Author: Thomas Conn & Brock Brensel

Faith Without Courage

This book is about a young high school boy who faces many problems through-out the course of his junior and senior year. He overcomes them with the help of all his friends and family.

Author: Alex Sollazzo and Hailey James

Summer Getaway

Sophia is visiting her Mother, who hasn’t been in her life since she was a little girl, in California, with her best friend Morgan for the summer. Sophia’s boyfriend, Dylan, her Dad and sister Emily a...

Author: Ceela Blodgett and Katie Savage

Desmond Is Here

He got the call he had been dreading. He had been asked to move from his family's perfect house in Washington, to Iowa. His job is what paid the bills, so he was forced to pack up the family and move...

Author: Olivia True and Carlie Wilson

The War Within

Flynt “Alpha” Coale is a teenage boy who has graduated high school. His parents who use to be in the military, expect him to follow their footsteps, but Flynt has something different in mind. Flynt ...

Author: Kyle Shapcott and Riley Paul

Book project

It was the summer of 1940 Noah and Jason Smith were both eligible for the draft. One day they got a letter saying that they are both being drafted and were being taken to Germany to fight in the war a...

Author: Joey Jennings, and Jon Rasmussen

Tales from Lobbs Wood

Stories about Donald Lobb a boy who can talk to animals and all his adventures set around Mapledurham Lock in Berkshire as told by an Uncle to his niece.

Author: Bill Ayling

A Time that Passed Us By

A story about an old man on his deathbed telling his life story to his grandchildren.

Author: Nick S. & Logan K.

Chronicles of Kingswood

Layla and Nick are the perfect couple- loving, sweet, and playfully competitive due to their schools being life-long rivals. This lasts until one night, Layla takes partying a step too far and crosses...

Author: Ashley Wilcox and Cody Colton

Is It Me?

A murder mystery

Author: Katreena N. & Jill R.

The Darkness of Baboon Island

Cliff Flanagan, a pro-football player for the Miami Barracudas, has been living his dream of becoming a professional star athlete. He has just recovered from a significant injury and has been cleared ...

Author: Hunter Goehring and Cale Nelson

The Final Rose

Twenty-four year old Grace Priestly has spent the last several weeks on the popular reality television show The Bachelor, falling in love with the man every girl wants, Calvin Kinney. She feels very c...

Author: Alexis Redshaw and Rachel Teten

Heaven's Watch Tower

After Rachel Clark dies in a horrific accident returning from her boyfriend's house on an early winter morning, she decides to look down at her family and boyfriend from heaven for many years trailing...

Author: Mailey Anderson & Conner Tweed


An ambitious group of college students from different walks of life decide to take a trip to California during spring break. The disparate group includes: the cocky, Zach, the brainiac, Ralph, the blo...

Author: Lauren & Sydney

Slippery Slopes

Everyone sees them as the perfect couple. Maxwell and Keeley are spending their pre wedding trip by flying out to Aspen, Colorado. Keeley’s adventurous soul is looking forward to spending the trip on ...

Author: Tabitha Kuehn & Karley Larson

Signs of Revenge

When Skylar Williams’s dad got a new job and she is forced to move from her much loved hometown of Brookside, with a population of seven hundred, to one of the largest cities in the United States, Chi...

Author: Anna Hall and Hannah James

A High School Story

Alice is 16 going on 17, a Junior in highschool and just found out she was pregnant. She had her whole life set up for her, she was a straight A student, one year away from going to college to do some...

Author: Alexis Adkins


It is a book about me and my life growing up as a pastor's kid. I moved several times when I was young and it has caused a lot of hardships. Missions trips are a huge part of my life as well. Get to k...

Author: McKenna Schneider


Jamie, a boy, wants to be free from this horrible place he was being kept in, and one night, plans to escape. Jamie, doesn't know the problems he will face along the way. Will he make it to freedom, o...

Author: Nirbaan Maken

Dream Land Story's part 1

this book is at this point the longest one i have done. it is about my story's that i have created based on the books and TV shows and movies i have watched.

Author: Sarah Fisk

Patterns For Life

Biblical Scripture used for Patterns of Life

Author: Lisa Alaniz

Chasing Sanity

Chasing Sanity is a memoir of my struggles with mental illness from a very young age till how I am now. In it describes my various stays in psychiatric units, my childhood life, tragic events that hav...

Author: Lauren Woodley

Rhetoric Made Easy

A manual of style written to remind us and strengthen our knowledge in rhetoric for my AP LANG class.

Author: Jamie Hercules

January Wedding 2016

Here it is, the wedding centerpiece! Thank you, everyone!

Author: Darcey and Kathryn

Meetings At Temples

Poems and song-lyrics written between (about) 1966 and 2006

Author: Richard Temperley

Manual Of Style

This book is for my AP English class about Rhetoric. i wrote for my AP English class, it is about Rhetoric.

Author: Siomara Monterola

A Collection of Poetry

A collection of poetry - some are fully edited, others are first drafts.

Author: Nathan Baker

Thoughts from a Gemini... The Poetic Journey

The book is a poetic journey to understanding true love, having faith in yourself and others, but also staying clear minded during chaos to achieve yours goals in life when no one does.

Author: Anthony Aldridge

Twas the night before a MOPS Meeting..

Written By Melissa and Published by Rich for the most amazing woman in the world. A story written for her MOPS ladies at Christmas 2015. She forgot her story at home that day that she needed it and as...

Author: Richard Wright

Pelansky Phanto

My book is about a boy with his dog and he has to giv his dog back but he retrives his dog and he dies later of cancer, his mom and dad sell the dog.

Author: Michaela Kauffman

Lennart's Seaside Secret

Aimed at ages: 8-12 Six youngsters from a small seaside town accidentally stumble upon a path to a secret, which eventually leads them to solve one of the great mysteries in the history of mankind wh...

Author: W.E. Young

Nathalie Kees Retirement

Nat's Retirement Book

Author: Counseling & Career Development Faculty

Shatterd In Silance

this book is a little about my life and is my first ever book to be wrote and published hope you sit back and injoy reading this true life book of a normal ordenary house mum

Author: Zoe Louise Harris

Our Mundane Life

Our Book is about our blog that we made. We are just two teenagers in the era of sex and money that are in love with writing and photography.

Author: Shannon Louise and Libby Lyne

Mary and the prince

Mary and the prince book is a small 4 chapters book and the story is talking about a princes called Mary who travels to Poland a fids her true love there and get to know each other and get marry...

Author: mohanned

christianity and islam unite

Resistance against religion discrimination.

Author: Meleka,Mariam Ismail,Mariam and Refaie,Ismail

Heat of Hell

Author: Roni Akgul

The Big Exploding Turkey

its good

Author: HI

The Butterfly Ball

Sophia Phillips planned a "Butterfly Ball" at her home at the age of four. She honored her father at the ball, providing him an opportunity to dance with her as he was unable to attend the actual even...

Author: Marianne Chalk

The Beauty Of Cleo

This book is for Cleo, my beloved pet and friend....his shadow is with me now.... and forever will be. Cleo became as a child of my own, part of my family. He will remain in my heart and thoughts alwa...

Author: Petro McIntosh

I Was Born In Gaza

I Was Born In Gaza" is a flowing poetry book . It expresses the anguish and agony of living in an occupied country, the fears of wars, and the splendid devotion to women. To me, poetry is the flowing ...

Author: Mohammed Abdel latif Moussa

4 Ever

First Christmas with out our Emmy (gift to my parents)

Author: Vanessa Myers

The Life of Red Squirrels

An informative book on the native but endangered species, the Red Squirrel. See some amazing photographs and learn all about photographing them as well as their behaviour, diet, habitat and conservati...

Author: Hannah Jennifer Norris

Powe of Spoken Words

Author: Natasha M. Walker

Navigating Minorities

An anthology of poems by LGBT and People of Color.

Author: Kriss Giles

A Long Journey Traveled

A year of telephone conversations with Grandma Helen, who often expressed a desire to leave behind a written legacy to share with family members. During the year 2012, I recorded our weekly phone call...

Author: Helen Rappel and Lynn Czaban

Cedar Point Nappers

An epic love story with a handful of elite moments.

Author: Brian Timmons

Dr. Morgenstern

Dr. Morgenstern's Retirement Tribute Book

Author: Smileboston Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry

Torn To Pieces

This book follows the life of thirteen year old Chris Eriksson and his life leading to adulthood. His school life his miserable, he is picked on by three kids that will do anything to make his life a ...

Author: Johan Randall

Andrew's Pumpkin Patch Experience

This is a story about Andrew's trip to the pumpkin patch with his pre-school class. His mother accompanied him. Andrew had a variety of experiences on his trip. The book details these experiences.

Author: Marianne Chalk, Author and Illustrator

Book of Songs

Lyrics of favourite songs by Sakira, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars and One Direction

Author: Noja Jonele

Life is Bright Life Is dark

It's about poetry and life skills and It has Quotes

Author: Halee May Blann

The Aquatic Zone

10 year old Alex takes a trip to the Aquatic Zone when he falls asleep during his science class. In the Aquatic Zone Alex runs into a talking seal. Join Alex in learning about plate tectonics and the ...

Author: Stephanie Decker



Poetry of My Life

The poems i have created in this book are simply my own experiences in life that i have faced and put it into poems which will help young and old people facing life to appreciate things are they happe...

Author: Josephine Laloyer



Author: AMARA


My book is a selection of inspirational poetry wrote at different points of my life

Author: Karen Murray

aidans birthday book

aidans birthday

Author: robert little


A concise history of Mr G. L. Solanki and his family life. This is a tribute to Mr & Mrs G. L .Solanki and their eldest son Harilal.. It is also a celebration of their as well as of his descendants...

Author: Kamla Parmar

Fighting Witches

A personal Fairtale /Bedtime story

Author: Jack Betts

A Well Planned Adventure: Part of The Fighting Witches Serie

This Book is a marriage proposal to my girlfirned based on our time together over the last year and in the format on a previous book i wrote for her called Fighting Witches which you can find on this ...

Author: Jack Betts


If you are a fan of JACKSEPTICEYE then this is one for you

Author: Nathan Martin

Flowers, flowers

This book is great for young girls ages 3-7 or 8. This book has big letters (Not to big) and is a rhyming book. There are some photos added into the book just in case you want to use it for a picture ...

Author: Tabitha Jayme

Mystery at Keewaka lake

Recommended for 19 years and older. Mystery with reality in the book. Real campers pictures in the book. Sell or $24.99 in libraries.

Author: Tabitha Jayme

Jongu and the magical musicbox

This story is about a guy named jack that suddenly find a strange world where he doesnt belong..... Or does he?

Author: Daniel Haglund

Weird Girl

This book is about my unique quality's. you may not think it's special but hey give it a try. it's funny, wild, and a bit educational.

Author: Sarah Fisk

The Magical Mystery World of The Beatles

A collection of Beatles trash ^_^

Author: Milli Michalski

Tainted Love

Tainted Love is based on a bride being left at the alter. Then she meets a man and she tries love again. When she falls in love with a new guy it's not what it appears to be. Her ex fiancee is back in...

Author: Lakeisha Adams

70 Memories with Bobby Daddy BoPop

Memories with Bobby, Daddy, BoPop

Author: Emily Bodden

My Love Story

It is all about true love..Please read it.. The book really contains a nice story...

Author: D.Mohan Babu

Lyrics to Rose By Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain writes lyrics to the woman he loves.

Author: Rose Cobain

House in the clouds

A visual journey through my strange mind

Author: Emlia Russell

Tales from Grandpa

Recollections of Robert V. Frey about his Family

Author: Robert V. Frey

Hey pau

Nuestra es una estacion, no de colores liso, si no de fondos amarillos repletos de objetos etéreos que no paran de moverse conforme lo hacen nuestros cuerpos, como si no hubiera nada más importante q...

Author: Paula Garcia Riverol

Stay Strong

This is a book of poems that i wrote and hope others will enjoy

Author: Tiara Beiter

M Cubed

Alaska Math Resource Proposal - A project proposal for the development of a relevant and motivating resource for grades 6-12, specifically addressing Alaska culture, lifestyles, industries, standards,...

Author: John Hersrud

Love me or Leave me

This is a book about a girl going through pain and trying to become a regular girl again.

Author: Delanie Hain

Kissed by Death

Kissed by Death a Novella Based on a Co-write story. 17+ 14 Chapters 16, 333 words Writing time 3 mounts Fiction, Fantasy, and Erotica [R] "A super sensual story about a vampire’s lust to kiss the ...

Author: Duriez

Secret Mind

This book is an even deeper look into my mind. it gives away some pretty well kept secrets. so read it.. i dare you!

Author: Sarah Fisk

Deeper Mind

This is my second book after sarah's mind! it is better written and it gives you a deeper look into my mind! so buckle up cause it's a wild ride!

Author: Sarah Fisk

Sarah's Mind

this book is a weird version of the things i like in my mind. It may seem boring but you try and see for yourself!.... i dare you!

Author: Sarah Fisk

Leaving Reality 2 Find Abstraction

This is my first book on Abstract Photography. This is seeing in a different manner, a mental association rather than a naturalistic figuration with no beginning and no end. Abstraction goes beneath...

Author: Diane D. Costello

Dakotah's guide on training horses

This book is a guide on how to saddle break your horse, halter break your horse, how to fit a saddle and also how to wrap legs with polo warps properly

Author: Dakotah Nichols


A book with all the lyrics from the album "Ultraviolence" by Lana Del Rey.

Author: Alexandria Buss

Beating Yourself

A father and son discussing the concept of Happiness through the son's experience as a tennis player, his military service and personal relations

Author: Moral and Yuval Tamir

The Auction House

An avid reader myself I often despaired of my friends who complained that they didn't have time to read or forgot where they were at because of the long lapses between being able to pick up a book. T...

Author: Christina Brooks

New Zealand

2 months in New Zealand

Author: richard langley

Ciara Currigan Is 13

This is a compilation of letters and pictures from Ciara Currigan's family and friends to launch her on her way into the teenage years.

Author: Judy Baldwin

Little Bunny - First Day of School

Mia's Little Bunny book - First Day of Schol

Author: Mia

If I Could Do It over Again...

A book of poetry drawn from the last 15 years of my life and loves. This book is for my family and friends to read and enjoy.

Author: Laura L. Folsom

Parenthood, a new beginning

This book is meant for new parents who have questions about their first child. It gives you information on being pregnant, nutrition, and other ways to take care of your child. If you're lost and want...

Author: Josselyn Guevara

Mis Pensamientos

Este libro es la primera antología de la poeta cubana Dolores (Lolo) Callejas. La soledad, el exilio, el amor y las historias familiares son temas recurrentes en los escritos de esta gran mujer, el...

Author: Dolores "Lolo" Callejas


New York and Miami holiday 2014

Author: Amanda

For The Love Of Hair

An inspiring story of a client and her hair dresser mingled between photos of hair done by Olympia Salon in Maryville TN

Author: Tina-Marie Cusano

the flying 2

this book is a shoort book about 2 dogs named spongeman and intergalticman.

Author: michael b


this book will tell you everything you need to know about NationalGeographics Animaljam BETADAYS!

Author: Cami Greathouse gemziez on animaljam

This book houses original lyrics from some of my best work as a singer/ songwriter/ Artist & Producer. The genre which I perform is CULTURE POP which I sing in the following three languages which are...

Author: Alain Nkossi Konda

My Cannoli has a Surname

A Genealogy Resource & Picture book of related Kenosha, WI Italian Families and Inter-active Family History Album. This is the first volume and first edition of a series.

Author: Charlene M Summers

My Crazy Teenage Life

its a neak peak of a teenage story

Author: Nicole Rodriguez


A collection of custom house portraits and drawings by Katherine Thomas.

Author: Katherine Thomas

Faith's journey

Faith's journey is the first of a series of books based on Hebrews 11. It challenges young readers to apply Biblical learning to solve faith-based challenges in everyday life. Catering for a variety ...

Author: MOAMFJ

Darcey and lyla's bedtime adventures (winter wonderland)

Fantasy adventure about a toddler who has a magic handbag which can take her and her dog to any place they wish.

Author: matthew pree

Animal Attacks On Humans

See the attacks and feel the fear that other people had! See what people were attacked by. Read to find out how people tried to escape and how animals are deadly to us! Find out what to do if yoyu a...

Author: Daiyan Anwar

'Spiders, Sushi and Lichie' A year in Japan

After graduating Lancaster University BSc. Biological Sciences 1st Class (Hons) with a year at the University of British Columbia, Canada and gaining a Ph.D. at the University of East Anglia UK - in 2...

Author: Susan C Walters

Book project


Author: Kaitlyn Nye

Santa Needs A Substitute Reindeer

Children's Book - a Christmas Story about Santa and his Reindeer

Author: D. Rosell Hess

Super Hero's and other Stories

This is my superhero book with other stories and pictures.

Author: Aiden Wiseman

gorby family history

gorby family history photo and document book

Author: joe gorby

To Lie Down With Dogs

To Lie Down With Dogs is a love letter to the African Wild Dogs of the Mkuze reserve in KwaZulu- myNatal (Zululand), South Africa. It is the story of my time as a conservation volunteer with Wildlife ...

Author: KristenVaccariello

The Psychedelic Adventures of Dad & Alex

Greetings. Welcome to the next dimension. A psychedelic realm. On this episode of Psychedelic Aventures, we have Dad & Alex. Alex is a 12 year old crippled boy who remains in a constant state of "tri...

Author: Alexis Mason

Amplify - A Billy Lime Thriller

Sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll - and murder. Music promoter Billy Lime is in trouble. The tour of rock legends, The Pagan Virtue, is the biggest in music history. It should be a highlight for his career...

Author: Mark Hollands

For My One And Only: The Golden Scroll

This is a book of poetry that first and foremost is to bring glory to God. The first four chapters is brand new original poetry. The fifth and last chapter is slightly older poetry I like to refer t...

Author: Patrick T. Lindner

the adventrues of two kids

its a book just like captin underpants but its more kid freindly

Author: joshua marttinez

Book project

A kids book about three ordinary girls who run across an un-ordinary cow and end up with super powers. Book 1 of the 3E Series to come.

Author: Elle Gabriel

someone once told me

Poems are inspired by surroundings and feelings that can sometimes not be spoken out loud, but are clearer on paper.

Author: Paul (nipper) Jarvis

My Book Of Love Poems

Within this book are 15 poems that were written by TheOfficialWisePoet. I decided to write my first book on love, seeing that without love in an beings life we are nothing.

Author: Brian M. Scott

Our Story

Its the first ever online books I've ever written. The story is for someone special, I hope he loves and appreciates the creativity .

Author: -Arooba

The Creepy House and other stories

This is a paperback book full of short stories for kids to read and enjoy!

Author: Millie John


Simple Poems from a simple man with a simple mind.

Author: Debbie Nickisson

Fantasy Constellations

My own view of stargazing but with fantasy creatures

Author: Victoria Roberts



Flt Sgt John Samuel Davies

A tribute to Flight Sergeant John Samuel Davies, RAF, better known as Jack. Killed on operations March 14th 1945

Author: Paul Hildreth


Clairvoyant is being or having the ability to see things clearly - "clear sight". Being able to see things that are hidden. It's like having psychic ability. It came as an awakening to me. In 2012, I ...

Author: Nate Wright

thinking OUT loud

I selection of poems to reach the soul in times of quiet remember your never alone

Author: Karen Murray


my book is my own personal reflection's of my life with some poems I find in times of nee sitting with pen and paper can help a lot you release emotion's otherwise unspoken. I believe everyone at so...

Author: karen murray

(Poetry Speaks The Universe And I)

Author: Mitzi longmore

My Melancholic Landscape Photography

This book is about the emotional response to the melancholic landscape photographs , which are taken by the author. It is all about self reflexibility.

Author: Afsaneh Tayyar

Love of modern woman

The first poetry from the beginning of the long writer`s way.

Author: Inna Amentes

Expressing My Poetry To You

My book "Expressing my poetry to you speaks on love, dreams, tears, heartbreaks, and inspiration.

Author: Leesaan Robertson

Poetry Oasis

This is a collection of some of the poetry that I have written throughout my 31 years here on earth. These poems all have different themes and are designed to spark an emotion or even embark some new ...

Author: Jamel Devon Bryant

Poems for people who matter

Author: Barbara McGrew

Moondogs Spanish Slang Words

Author: Conor Mooney

The Special Daffodil

Author: Idris Caffrey

Reflection Of an echo

A collection Of Works By Joanne Jones, reflecting thoughts and moments of enlightenment, despair, hope and love during a creative journey. Featuring her Poems , Photography , Sketches and Paintings. J...

Author: Joanne Nadine Jones

amazing poems

a collection of poems I made and some I found Interesting I love poems and making them so enjoy

Author: faduma yasin


Over the course of 24 hours Grace Benoit's life is turned upside down and pushes her to the edge.

Author: Hannah Naetzker

The Greater Spotted Invisible Duck

A story about a young man and his encounter with a rare and special duck. The Oxford Canal is home to a very unique animal, The Greater Spotted Invisble Duck, so named as 99% of the population can no...

Author: Uncle Ed

A Scottish Paddy in the UK

A lad brought up in Stockport near Manchester, his memories of growing up with his sisters, the schools, the laughs, the tears, his life in the Police, his own family and their hopes and aspirations.....

Author: Sean Giblin

The naughty little girl

my book is all about a girl called humaira and shes a pretty naughty girl. my book is kind of short.

Author: Nahat Noreen Choudhury



Author: julie ann rieger

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