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Amplify - A Billy Lime Thriller

Author: Mark Hollands

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Sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll - and murder.

Music promoter Billy Lime is in trouble. The tour of rock legends, The Pagan Virtue, is the biggest in music history. It should be a highlight for his career and company Lime Green Music - if he can just keep the fractious personalities that make up the band out of the bars and on the stage.
But millions of dollars is missing from his accounts, the tax office are after him and outlawed motorcycle gang, the White Sharks are trying to blackmail him into smuggling $100m in drugs through the Pagan Virtue equipment.
Yet even that pales into insignificance when the Pagan’s lead singer Jet Kelly is discovered dead.

Mark Hollands

Mark Hollands was born in Exeter in 1963 and spent his childhood in the Devonshire countryside playing cricket, listening to Top of the Pops and cultivating a prolific knowledge of music
trivia. He won a competition aged 7 to appear on TV playing
guitar with Status Quo, and despite not having a tune in his head, his love of rock n roll was born.
Mark began his career as a journalist at 16 as a cadet reporter on the Sidmouth Herald. He went on to write sport, foreign affairs and technology before migrating to Australia via Papua New Guinea on a working holiday and holding senior editor roles at the Port Moresby Post Courier, The Sunday Herald Sun in Melbourne and The Australian in Sydney. He launched the first website for News Corp before going on to a career in consulting and executive management, and completing a Bachelor of Psychology, but it was never enough to replace his true love - writing.
Billy Lime is his first novel.

Pages: 460

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