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Solentro was founded by the Schildfat brothers, Hampus & Tobias. The launch took place in early 2008. They appeared in the television series Dragon´s Den and created quite a stir as they turned down an investment of 200 000 Euros from the dragons. Today Solentro is a global company. The web application is completely web based and free to use. Solentro is currently available in 13 different languages with customers in more than 30 countries. Solentro strives to be the best & easiest way for anyone to create a personalized book or photo book.

Members of the board

Peter Jungbeck, Chairman

In 1982 Peter Jungbeck founded Euroflorist and was one of the pioneers in the flower delivery service using internet already in 1995. Peter Jungbeck was the CEO of the company from start until he resigned in September 2008. After this, he was a board member and the second largest owner of the company, which is the leading floral network in Europe, with an annual revenue of nearly SEK 2 billion, until the entire company was sold in December 2021.

Hampus Schildfat, Board member

Holds a Bachelor's degree in literature and film from the University of Lund and the University of California, Santa Barbara. He earlier worked as a script analyst at Spyglass Entertainment in Hollywood with productions like 27 Dresses (2008). In Sweden, he has worked for the Swedish film industry with Göta Kanal 2, Rosa-the movie and Arn. Furthermore, he has worked as a project manager and art director at an advertising agency with clients such as Leaf and Findus. He enjoys skateboarding to the point that he breaks his arm every once in a while and he is also a passionate surfer. Founder and the CEO of Solentro since 2008.

Tobias Schildfat, Board member

Holds a Master's degree in business administration with a major in management and marketing from the University of Lund and from Napier Business School in Edinburgh. He has worked in several lines of businesses: as a stockbroker for Handelsbanken, one of the primary financial institutions in Sweden, and as business manager with Findus, one of Sweden’s largest food companies. Furthermore he is a multiple published author and his book "Vägen till din första miljon" immediately made it to the top of the bestseller list with more than 100,000 copies sold. Has worked as adjunct lecturer in marketing at the John Cabot University in Rome. As a teenager he fell in love with surfing, he is still very much in love. Founder and the CEO of Solentro since 2008.

At Solentro you can make your own book, photo book, photo album, wedding book, graduation book (yearbook), christening book, book of remembrance, blog book, retirement book, "my first book" - we focus on simplicity and usability which opens up for your creativity!

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