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Kixula l

Author: Santiago Manrique

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This boy he has something to him, he just oozes out danger but that doesn't matter to the girl from kurapika village. who met and actually talked to this boy, Kixula. Will she live or be killed. will she become friends with kixula or will she just dissapear into dust. Kixula is wanted everywhere, every person that even seems like the smallest threat he kills and feeds himself. it has been heard that this boy is no ordinary killer. We have heard lots of stories about him having superpowers and can stop time and even teleport to othe dimensions. which will you choose to rely on. Read the first kixula book to find out, yes there will be over 3 books.

Well that is about it, do you dare to read this book?.

Santiago Manrique

Pages: 30

Price example, 1 copy
Hardcover Premium, cover and interior in full colour - 60$ (2nd book 30$)

Hardcover Basic, black/white interior - 28$
Soft cover Premium, cover and interior in full colour - 55$ (2nd book 27$)

Soft cover Basic, black/white interior - 16$
Staple bound, cover and interior in full colour - 42$ (2nd book 21$)

Spiral bound, cover and interior in full colour - 55$ (2nd book 27$)

½ price off! If you order more than 1 copy of the same book or photo book, you will get the following books in the same order for half the price! (NOTE: doesn't apply to BASIC where the extra rebate already is included)

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