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Reflection Of an echo

Author: Joanne Nadine Jones

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A collection Of Works By Joanne Jones, reflecting thoughts and moments of enlightenment, despair, hope and love during a creative journey. Featuring her Poems , Photography , Sketches and Paintings. Joanne has said this book is "a work in progress" and hopes that it " Captures moments of emotion that people can relate to and share in a silent understanding"

Joanne Nadine Jones

Im Joanne Jones and have created this book of works as an emotional release. I have had so many moments of silent reflection, and because of encouragement from friends and family I have decided to turn the volume up so to speak , so that these quiet still moments of emotion can be shared with anyone who takes the time to listen....and hopefully people will relate and enjoy!

Pages: 34

Price example, 1 copy
Hardcover Premium, cover and interior in full colour - 74$ (2nd book 37$)

Hardcover Basic, black/white interior - 27$
Soft cover Premium, cover and interior in full colour - 69$ (2nd book 34$)

Soft cover Basic, black/white interior - 16$
Staple bound, cover and interior in full colour - 49$ (2nd book 24$)

Spiral bound, cover and interior in full colour - 67$ (2nd book 34$)

½ price off! If you order more than 1 copy of the same book or photo book, you will get the following books in the same order for half the price! (NOTE: doesn't apply to BASIC where the extra rebate already is included)

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