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6 Quran Stories In English

Author: Bilqis Abdulhakeem Ilemobola

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Quran is spelled as Qur’aan, Koran and commonly as Quran.
Quran is the noble and Holy Book of the Islamic religion.
Muslims believe in Quran as the word of God (Allah).
Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad as the final word from God (Allah).
According to the teaching of the Islamic Religion (Teachings that Allah taught Muhammad through Quran and other forms of revelation) that the commandments of God (Allah) in Quran supersede all previous commandments that were revealed in previous revelations such as Torah and Bible.
Muslims believe in Torah and Bible as revelations from God (Allah) BUT not in the actual teachings as they were believed to be altered by people over time.
Muslims believe that Quran has not changed since its revelation. Allah has taken guarantee in the Quran itself that Allah will protect such from happening.
The teachings in the Quran dictate Muslims’ way of life.
Muslims recite Quran in their prayers daily.
Quran is recited the most in the month of Ramadan (the month of fasting).
Quran was revealed on Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) over a period of 23 years.
The verses and chapters in the Quran were revealed depending on the various incidents that occurred during the life time of Prophet Muhammad. The whole idea was to reinforce Quranic teachings in the life of Muslims and make it more practical for them to follow. For example, prior to the revelation of Quran, people used to drink alcohol. The first verses of the Quran prohibited Muslims not to pray while they are intoxicated (as they do not know what they are praying). However, later, verses were revealed that completely prohibited alcohol for Muslims. Allah mentioned in the Quran that the harms inflicted by drinking alcohol are far more than its benefits.
Quran is divided into many chapters with each chapter having verses.

Bilqis Abdulhakeem Ilemobola

Bilqis Abdulhakeem Ilemobola is a 10 year old author that loves to make and read books. She makes Islamic books and other books. She writes it down and tries to make them online

Pages: 118

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