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Father and Daughter - 2022 - A Year In Words And Images

Author: Damian Smyth and Róisín Smyth

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As 2022 approached, we decided to write a 4 line poem or thereabouts on each day of the new year, accompanied by a photograph or image relevant to the poem. We agreed to take alternate days and this is largely how the book has panned out.
We agreed that if any particular emotion or event caused us to write a longer poem, or a different type of poem, or more than one poem, then we would do this in addition to our daily 4 line efforts.
The poems either relate to particular events, international, national or personal, or simply reflect our mood, humour or emotions on any given day.

Damian Smyth and Róisín Smyth

Damian Smyth.
I started writing poetry as a teenager in the 1970s but only returned to this form of writing in 2020. In the rather long interval of almost 50 years between then and now I have written or co-written many songs. Most of these have been in Gaeilge, Ireland's native language and I have had success at national and international level in this genre. Writing for me is a past-time which I have once again more time to devote to since my retirement in 2020.

Róisín Smyth.
This section calls for a little bit about me,
I guess you could say the apple fell not far from the tree.
I’ve often been told that I’m my father's daughter,
A shared love of word-crafting just like my co-author.
In school it was stories that I loved to make up,
Then it was captions on Instagram and Facebook.
In the last couple of years, it’s poems I’ve preferred,
But I’ve always found great comfort and strength in words.

Pages: 292

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