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Baking With The Girls

Author: Emily Jean and Gabriela Alexan

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Baking With The Girls is a bake book that Gabriela Alexan and Emily Jean are created. This book contains recipes made from scratch. The reason we made this book is because we both have a huge passion for baking. We really hope everyone loves this book. For more information about us and the book go to

Emily Jean and Gabriela Alexan

  Emily Jean
Hello! My name is Emily Jean. I am 11 years old. I was born on July 16, 2004. I was born  in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I go to school at Saint Anthony Catholic School. I live  in a family of 6. I have three brothers and I am the only girl. I play soccer and I cheer. A few of my hobbies are baking of course, I also like listening to music, playing outside, and making bracelets.The person who inspired me to bake is my aunt Jennifer Brown . She is my godmother and she absolutely is one of my favorite bakers.

Hello my name is Gabriela Alexan. I'm 11 years old and I live in a family of 5 and I'm the only girl (besides my mom). My birthday is October 25, 2004 and I was born  in Canada. I moved to Miami, Sunny Isles Beach in 2014. I love to swim and  hang  out with my friends. Most of all my favorite hobby is cooking, I love to cook with my mom but my favorite person to cook with is my grandma. She has  taught me almost everything I know about baking.

Pages: 48

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