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Player One

Author: Oliver Russell

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"In a world where gaming and adventure collide, young Kevin embarks on a thrilling journey that takes him from the comfort of his living room to the treacherous landscapes of virtual realms. When his new console turns into a gateway to danger, Kevin finds himself trapped within the very games he once loved. To escape, he must conquer a series of epic challenges, including Plants vs. Zombies, Five Nights at Freddy's, Minecraft, and more. As the ultimate battle with the Game Master looms, Kevin and his alliance of courageous gamers must rely on their skills, friendship, and unwavering determination to triumph over the forces that threaten both virtual and real worlds. Will Kevin emerge as the hero he never knew he could be, or will he be forever trapped in the clutches of a malevolent gaming realm? Prepare for a high-stakes adventure that will redefine the boundaries of gaming and the power of human spirit."

Oliver Russell

"Oliver Russell is a talented writer and gaming enthusiast who has crafted a captivating tale that bridges the gap between the real and virtual worlds. With a deep love for gaming and a vivid imagination, Oliver weaves together thrilling adventures that transport readers to exciting realms filled with danger, mystery, and triumph. Inspired by the power of storytelling and the immersive nature of video games, Oliver's writing captures the essence of virtual experiences, inviting readers to embark on epic quests and discover the strength of friendship and courage. When not immersed in the world of writing, Oliver can be found exploring digital landscapes, honing their gaming skills, and finding inspiration for their next thrilling tale."

Pages: 36

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Staple bound, cover and interior in full colour - 56$ (2nd book 28$)

Spiral bound, cover and interior in full colour - 74$ (2nd book 37$)

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