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No Man Is An Island

Author: Hampus Schildfat

If you were given a second chance in life, would you take it?

Three lost souls trapped in LA’s hectic lifestyle -

MARTIN lives a, what it seems like, perfect life. He is a very successful lawyer, he has two great kids and a wife he thinks loves him. But inside he is falling apart, in his quest for happiness he loses his way and becomes more detached from his family and his wife cheats on him.

GABRIELE immigrated from Mexico with his family in search for the American dream. It is not quite what he believed, he finds himself in a society that won’t accept him and people who treat him like garbage and unfortunately his family suffers for this, he takes it out on them.

REBECCA is a struggling actress who is on the verge of doing everything to get a job, she is loosing touch with reality and, most importantly, her family back home in Texas.

It all begins a late afternoon in LA, Martin, Gabriele and Rebecca are involved in a huge car accident, the questions posed after the accident are left unanswered.

Hampus Schildfat

Holds a Bachelor's degree in literature and film from the University of Lund and the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Earlier Hampus worked as a script analyst at Spyglass Entertainment in Hollywood with productions like 27 Dresses (2008).

In Sweden, Hampus has worked for the Swedish film industry with Göta Kanal 2, Rosa-the movie and Arn. Furthermore, Hampus has worked as a project manager and art director at an advertising agency with clients such as Leaf and Findus.

Hampus enjoys skateboarding to the point that he breaks his arm every once in a while and he is also a passionate surfer.

Pages: 104

Price example, 1 copy
Soft cover Basic, black/white interior - 14$

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