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Author: Johan Broddfelt

A Chinese saying tells that: ”when the winds of change are blowing, some build windmills, others build shelters”!

During my entire carrier, I have had the privilege to support “windmill builders”: Entrepreneurs burning passionate for their ideas and dreams to come through: fighters rising from nothing, reaching for the stars and more than anything else: People driven not by money and fame, but by the urge to make a difference and to “show the world”, that they are right.

Johan is one of them.

And you might be as well: Standing before life changing decisions you are about to initiate – or perhaps trapped in an evolution, you have not yet defeated!?

You should read this book then!

”Next Hill” will not only encourage you to go ahead – or to carry on – it will show you HOW!

This book is the compendium, making up for the university degree, you never took, or the thousands of pages, you read and more or less forgot. It’s all there! In less than two hours of reading. I actually never thought, I would learn much from it: Hi: I have been in this business for more than 35 years, advising more than hundred entrepreneurs in almost every single corner of business understanding!

But I was wrong.

I found a relieving review here: A simple, “common sense” summary, reminding me of the fact, that numerous topics, have other inspiring approaches, than the ones, I am preaching. And Johan is serving them in a simple, but yet educative process, through his book, that leaves you with reflections and – most important – with the energy to improve your effort, to make windmills instead of shelters.

I can highly recommend any entrepreneur to grab this book.

Jan Isaksen
Business development consultant
Cand Merc (A), MBA (APIM)

Johan Broddfelt

Johan Broddfelt is a Computer Engineer with a great interrest in entrepreneurship. In addition to his permanent job, developing enterprise applications in Copenhagen he also run a site in Malmö called

Pages: 76

Price example, 1 copy
Soft cover Basic, black/white interior - 23$

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