Don’t forget to read!

We hope all of you are reading a lot in November. Let the stories fill you with imagination, maybe they will inspire your own story to be written!

 The book making is only a click away – log in to your Solentro account and start writing!

Christmas is around the corner!

Started thinking about this year's Christmas gifts yet? Few things are better than giving away a book filled with memories and pictures.

 Do you have siblings? Use our feature to invite others in your bookmaking process so you can share the gift.

 Start writing your book today and you will have plenty of time to finish your perfect Christmas gift

This initiative is supported by Solentro and therefore we are happy to share this with you! 

LoveItaly is a non profit association that crowdfunds for Italian cultural heritage projects. Their objective is to create an international movement to bring Italy’s cultural treasures into the heart of the global community - making all of us active stakeholders in protecting and sustaining a heritage that belongs to all humanity.

Wherever you are in the world, you can show how much you Love Italy!

Incredible rebates!

½ price off! 

If you order more than 1 copy of the same book or photo book, you will get the following books in the same order for half the price!

(NOTE: doesn't apply to paperback where the extra rebate already is included)

Exceptional satisfaction!


/Hampus & Tobias Schildfat, brothers and founders

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