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Fall is here! 

October is the National Book Month - this annual event encourages readers of all ages to enjoy books. Is there something better to do than make your own book - for yourself or for someone you care about?

Why not create a book for Halloween?! Gather the children's tricks and treats and the photos of their wonderful costumes in your own book!

The Nordic Ecolabel recommends Solentro!

We would like all our users around the world to know that they are using an environmentally friendly product. This has been recognized by the Nordic Ecolabel, which is the official ecolabel for the Nordic countries, introduced by the Nordic Council of Ministers. Their commission is to promote a more sustainable consumerism with the goal of creating a sustainable society. Check out the recommendation here (in Swedish)! 

A tip!

Who wouldn't appreciate a book with greetings from family and friends? You can easily manage everything from Solentro's webpage - an automated service provide your friends with an e-mail where they can contribute with greetings or other writings. All you have to do is to choose where in your book the contributions should go, what are you waiting for?

We wish you all the best! / Solentro 


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